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Laser scanners, drones and digital photogrammetry: the latest developments in construction surveying technologies

The digital technologies that are changing and the entire construction industry: laser scanners, drones and digital photogrammetry used in surveying tasks. In recent years, the evolution of technological tools in professions has led to major innovations, especially in the field of building surveying activities and topography: just consider the significant advantages (precision, time, costs) that [...]

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From BIM to BEM (Building Energy Model), the energy model of a buildings technical installation system

The BIM methodology applied to energy performance aspects represents the new revolution: here’s the energy model of a building’s installation system (BEM – Building Energy Model) […]

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BIM collaboration platform, what characteristics should it have and what advantages does it offer?

A BIM collaboration platform offers the building professional all the necessary working tools in order to operate correctly with the BIM methodology. The features that a platform should have are illustrated below. […]

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