Contemporary row houses by famous architects. Introducing Mario Botta’s project in Bernareggio together with work description, floor plans, CAD resources and 3D BIM models

In this article we will examine the work of a contemporary townhouses complex by a famous architect: the Mario Botta‘s project in Bernareggio, near Milan.

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This insight will also focus on a brief descriptive projects analysis and reproduce 3D BIM models, DWG drawings, isometric, prospects and sections views ready for download.
Specifically, in this article:

3D BIM model download

Below the link to download 3D BIM models in .edf file format of the townhouses examples we are going to show. From this models you can easily and automatically obtain all the relating working drawings (plans, prospects, sections views etc..).

Download here the 3D BIM model (.edf file format) with a townhouses example inspired by Mario Botta’s project

Townhouses by famous architects – Botta's project revised – Edificius created rendering

Townhouses by famous architects – Botta’s project revised – Edificius created rendering


Townhouses famous projects: the example of a contemporary settlement in Bernareggio, by Mario Botta

Townhouses in Bernareggio: work description

The project consists of ten terraced houses built on three levels plus a basement and grouped in a single block parallel to the external road. The buildings design is conceived as an element of strong characterization with respect to the fragmented context in which it is inserted, looking like a sort of monolithic wall built at the edge of the dwelling area.

The houses row has been built along the axis originating from the center of the village. Houses are placed side by side alternating a full red brick facade to hollow parts which are created at the entrances of the different units.

Townhouses by famous architects – floor plan inspired by one of Mario Botta's projects

Townhouses by famous architects – floor plan inspired by one of Mario Botta’s projects

Download here the .zip format DWGs of the floor plans

Each unit is endowed with a staircase and an elevator distributing the building residential functions on different levels:

  • on the basement there are technical rooms and a hobby room;
  • on the ground floor there is a garage, the main entrance and an independent study;
  • on the first floor there is the living area occupying the entire building’s depht which is opened to loggias and terraces created on the front part and facing eastward and westward;
  • on the top level there are three bedrooms.

The interplay of spaces makes the building recognizably distinct. The main facade is outlined by built-in lodges whereas the north and south sides are completely isolated from sunlight. The supporting structure is entirely in reinforced concrete; the external cladding combines red paramano facing bricks with black painted aluminum frames.

Main construction characteristics

Some important building features:

  • structures: beams, columns and reinforced concrete slabs
  • facade: red paramano facing bricks
  • roof: flat and not feasible
  • windows: black painted aluminum

Terraced house and BIM. How to model staircases and elevators

To conclude, two short explanatory videos inspired by the townhouses model in Bernareggio illustrating how easy it is to work with a BIM methodology. Specifically, we will show how to design stairs and elevators in this particular structure.



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