Overcome 2D or 3D design with BIM, openBIM and IFC

Uncovering the Foundations of BIM and openBIM: Exploring Enhanced Data and Information Management in Design

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The Ultimate Guide to BIM PMP (Project Management Plan)

Explore how to optimize your project management with our comprehensive…
Construction Transmittal

Construction Transmittal: How to Create, Manage and Share Documents in Construction

Construction transmittals are formal testimonial documents used…
frame structure

What is a frame structure and how is it designed

Everything you need to know about frame structures: materials…
Construction closeout documents

Construction closeout documents: required documents for project closeout

The construction closeout is verified by means of specific documents.…
Structural engineer foundation inspection

Structural engineer foundation inspection: how to perform structural inspection on foundations

Discover the fundamental role of a structural engineer foundation…
Scope of Work in Construction

Scope of Work in Construction: What It Is and How to Write It

A "scope of work" (SOW) describes project activities and sets…