1 bedroom apartment floor plans with standards and examples

The complete technical guide to design a 40 m² and a 60 m² 1-bedroom apartment: design criteria, reference standards and examples to download

In this post we will show you how to design a 1-bedroom apartment. We’ll provide a guide with layouts rules, dimension criteria and some national regulatory requirements, paying special attention to the most common types of 1-bedroom apartments (40 and 60 m²).

The project with relating technical drawings will be further described in detail.

Throughout the article, you’ll have also have the opportunity to download the whole project of:

  1. a 40 m² 1-bedroom apartment
  2. a 60 m² 1-bedroom apartment



60 m² 1-bedroom apartment rendering made with Edificius

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A house of small dimensions involves at least two project’s basic choices:

  1. a ‘studio apartment model’, with open spaces and interchangeable functions (read the article ‘40 square meter studio apartment plan: criteria and examples ready for download‘);
  2. distinct environments and functions, overcoming the limits of reduced sizes, with living and sleeping areas occupying independent rooms.

This second solution is what better defines the 1-bedroom apartment.

1 bedroom apartment definition

The one-bedroom apartment is a type of residential property that has two rooms and services: the sleeping area, with a bedroom, and a living room / kitchen.


60 m² 1-bedroom apartment-floor plan

Commonly, this type of housing is suitable for one person or a couple, given the lack of a second bedroom.

1-bedroom apartment project, dimension requirements, national and international standards

Each country defines minimum living requirements per apartment and/or room, in relation to the number of residents. In some cases, these regulations are implemented at national level, while in others, on regional, district or even municipal levels, such as in the United States or in Spain.



Let’s see some examples.

Examples of minimum areas, minimum heights and lighting/ventilation rate according to national or local standards

Spain – Madrid

  • 38 m² 1-bedroom apartment
  • 25 m² studio apartment
  • 6 m² single bedded room
  • 10 m² double bedded room
  • 10 m² living room
  • 2,50 m minimum height
  • Opening window area > 12% of total floor area
  • Natural ventilation surface > 8% of total floor area



  • 6,60 m² single bedded room
  • 7,50 m² double bedded room
  • 8,60 m² living room
  • 2,50 m² bathroom
  • 2,50 m minimum height
  • 2,30 m bathroom and pantry minimum height
  • Opening window area > 10% of total floor area
  • Natural ventilation surface > 5% of total floor area

Download the architects’ handbook relating to Brazilian standards ABNT NBR 15.575

United States – New York City

  • 150 ft² (14 m²) studio apartment
  • 80 ft² (7,5 m²) bedroom
  • 8 ft (2,43 m) minimum height
  • Natural ventilation surface > 5% of total floor area

Access the New York City 2014 Construction Code

United Kingdom

  • 70 sq/ft (6,5 m²) single bedded room
  • 110 sq/ft (10,20 m² ) 2 people bedroom
  • 160 sq/ft (15 m²) living room
  • 7 ft. 6 in. (2,30 m) minimum height
  • Opening window area > min 5% – max 25% of total floor area
  • Natural ventilation surface > 5% of total floor area

Download the Housing Act 1985 with provisions of accomodation requirements

40 m² 1-bedroom apartment project example with description, DWG resources and 3D model

This project has been studied in order to optimize spaces, given the limited size available.
The apartment floor plan is rectangular, with the longest side of approximately 8.60 m and the shortest side of 5.70 m and it is divided into living and sleeping area.


40 m² 1-bedroom apartment – floor plan

The entrance is located on one of the main sides. You can enter directly into the living room that forms the core unit of the house. The living room occupies approximately 18 m², it is configured as a totally open space and includes both the kitchenette and the living room for a functional distribution of spaces. The door opening is located on the smaller side leading to the sleeping and service areas.

The hallway that connects the 3 rooms occupies as little space as possible, in order to respect the minimum size of living room and bedroom.

All connection spaces are equipped with cabinets, so as to optimize the use of passage areas. All areas are also equipped with openings that comply with the lighting-ventilation ratios required by standards.

Modern and functional furnishings together with neutral and bright colours materials have been chosen to improve the quality of spaces.



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Download the project drawing DWGs

Example of a 60 m² 1-bedroom apartment project with description, available with DWG project drawings and 3D model download

The accommodation has a rectangular surface of about 60 m², with the longest side of 10.00 m and the shortest side of 6.00 m.

Rooms are arranged according to a planimetric layout that can be set with a series of interconnected rectangles. The service areas and hallways are located along the two adjacent sides of the floor plan rectangle.



The entrance to the accommodation is separated from the rest of the living space by a “partition wall” that prevents those who enter to have an immediate and complete view of the living room and kitchenette. From the entrance you can access the living room, through the two side entrances next to the “partition wall“, while you can enter the sleeping area and services through a door on the right side of the entrance.

The living room is strongly characterized by a contrast of white bricks and brown walls and by a false ceiling that starts from the entrance and divides the room in two. The use of colours helps to create movement within a single open space accommodating a kitchenette, the dining and living rooms.

The hallway leads to the main bathroom and 14 m² bedroom, with adjoining walk-in closet and private bathroom.



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Download the 3D BIM model (.edf file) of the 60 m² 1-bedroom apartment project

Download the DWGs of the project drawings