100 years of Bauhaus: the events not to miss

100 years of Bauhaus: the events not to miss

Exhibitions, festivals, architecture tours and two new museums: these are the events not to miss that Germany (and not only) is preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus

From Berlin to London, 2019 will be a very special year to celebrate 100 years of the Bauhaus: museums and galleries around the world are hosting events and exhibitions and a bus resembling the school of Dessau will be travelling between four global cities: Dessau, Berlin, Kinshasa and Hong Kong.

This varied program features concerts, installations, theatre exhibitions, dance, cinema, retrospectives, objects, workshops and other artistic performances: everything will tell something about the Bauhaus.



Here’s our pick of the top events for 2019!

Opening Festival – Berlin

The opening festival for the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus took place on the 16th to 24th January 2019 at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.



Oriented on the Bauhauswoche 1923 (Bauhaus Week 1923) and the legendary Bauhaus festivals, the festival occurred in a creative atmosphere of experimentation and research, learning and teaching. Not only the school, but also the whole current, are celebrated as a crucial moment in the twentieth century for their debate on the relationship between art and technology.

The program included an international selection of artists, both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary and offered concerts, theater, dance and cinema, VR and immersive art, presentations and workshops. Art and technology, light, color, sound and movement and the relationship between man and machine have played a key role in the program.

Bauhaus Imaginista – Berlin

This world exhibition will close its doors in the German capital, but the research project with its different exhibition stations will explore international interconnections with Tel Aviv, Delhi, Tokyo, Moscow, Chicago and anywhere else in the world, showing that innovation never stops at national borders.


The Bauhaus Imaginista project focuses on the mutual dialogue and exchange that the Bauhaus had with non-European modernist schools and movements.

The Bauhaus Imaginista is divided into 4 chapters each one consisting of exhibitions, workshops and conferences, that are taking place in various countries and will end in Berlin after involving 8 other cities (Rabat, Hangzhou, New York, Tokyo / Kyoto, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Lagos, New Dehli).

From the 15th March to the 10th June 2019 the exhibitions and events that have previously been celebrated at a local level will convey into a large exhibition at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.
Still Undead is the title of the exhibition that will explore how the experimental work of the school has also had a strong impact on cinema and photography, on visual culture and electronic music.

Anni Albers – London

Until January 27, 2019, the Tate Modern in London had hosted the first major British retrospective on the work of German textile designer Anni Albers, one of the first students and then teacher of the Bauhaus. Albers gave a very original expressive touch to the art of weaving, creating numerous everyday objects that were later used also in industrial production.

Triennale Der Moderne – Berlin, Dessau and Weimar

From the 16th September to the 13th October 2019 3 German cities will be holding the travelling festival that will revisit the world heritage of modern architecture in Germany.



The 3 architectural weekends in the three cities will be entirely dedicated to the school's anniversary and to the designation of Tel Aviv as the 'fourth capital of the Bauhaus'. Under the UNESCO protectorate, which enrolled the four cities in the list of world heritage sites, the festival will focus on the themes of conservation and enhancement of historical architecture, with particular reference to the relations of the three German capitals with the Israeli 'White City'.

Grand tour of Modernity – Germany

A Grand Tour of Modernity has been organized for the 100 years of the Bauhaus that will take visitors on their own planned route through 100 years of Modernism in Germany. The tour encompasses historic buildings and residential estates from 1900 to 2000. 7 different routes have been established.

Pioneers of a New World – Rotterdam

From the 9th February to the 16th May, 2019 the  Museum Boijmans Van Veuningen of Rotterdam will host a large retrospective including over 60 artists, designers and architects. Almost eight hundred objects and works will be displayed, highlighting the role of Rotterdam as a pole of Modernism in Europe in the period between the two Wars.

Bauhaus Original – Berlin

The 100 years of the Bauhaus is also retraced through the celebration of the great design icons made in Bauhaus. Many objects, which were unpublished, have been rediscovered and are for the first time on display, alongside the great classics.
14 emblematic objects tell 14 case histories, one for each year of the Bauhaus: from the 6th September 2019 to 20th January 2020 Wagenfeld lamps, Breuer chairs or Marianne Brandt's tea service will be staged at the Berlinische Galerie for the Bauhaus Original exhibition but also lesser-known pieces from international collections.

New Bauhaus Museum – Weimar

The 6th April 2019 is an important date for Weimar: the Weimar Bauhaus Museum will open after three years of construction, staging the treasures of the world's oldest Bauhaus collection and linking the history of the Bauhaus with questions about today's and tomorrow’s way of life.



Designed by Berlin architect Heike Hanada in collaboration with architect Benedict Tonon, it will be the first space dedicated to the collection of school projects from 1919 to 1926. Das Bauhaus kommt aus Weimar will be the initial exhibition.

New Bauhaus museum – Dessau

The opening of the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau on the 8th Septembre 2019 will be one of the highlights of the centenary.



Designed by Spanish architects Addenda (González Hinz Zabala), the new 2.100-square-meter space will be built near the historic Bauhaus school to host the permanent collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (40.000 pieces of drawings, materials, studies and objects produced in the School).

The opening exhibition is the Versuchsstätte Bauhaus. Die Sammlung.

Where is the typographic development going? – Berlin

On the occasion of the centenary, from the 30th August to the 15th September 2019, the Kunstbibliothek in Berlin will re-organize the historical exhibition Where is the typographic development going? of the Hungarian artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, open again to the public after 90 years, as part of the ‘Berlin Bauhaus Week’.

The 78 panels that illustrated the future of the printed typography, then delivered to the Art Library as a gift, represented one of the most innovative phases of Moholy-Nagy's career at the Bauhaus in Dessau and the New Bauhaus in Chicago.

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Our tribute to the Bauhaus 100 years since its foundation will conclude with the article:

  • homage to the Bauhaus style, faithful to the principles of functionalism and formal purism, with the description of some iconic pieces, immortal witnesses of timeless design.

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