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21 best BIM software of 2022

21 best BIM software of 2022

BIM software tools improve collaboration, reduce design costs and delivery times while making construction processes more efficient. Here’s a comparison between the best BIM software available today.

BIM is a process for creating and managing information on a construction project throughout its whole life cycle.

As part of this process, a coordinated digital description of every aspect of the built asset is developed, using a set of appropriate technology.

To manage a construction project correctly, collaboration between contractors, engineers and architects becomes essential and BIM software and collaborative BIM platforms make this collaboration possible.

Another important aspect in managing BIM processes is interoperability between different software applications, often facilitated using the IFC files as an open format for exchanging data and models. To avoid any data mapping concerns when exporting/importing IFC files to and from different software, buildingSMART®, the international body responsible for the development of OpenBIM standards, has set up a software certification system to guarantee the ability to communicate data correctly between software.

OpenBIM allows:

  • teams from different disciplines (architectural, structural, mechanical) to collaborate and exchange information without any technological constraints;
  • to truly have ownership of data without being obliged to maintain the same service in order not to risk losing access to the data over time;
  • to create uniform, consolidated and always replicable workflows;
  • to have complete freedom in choosing the technology that each professional wish to use.

For a professional working on large projects or collaborating frequently with engineers from different disciplines, it is essential to use BIM software that has the buildingSMART openBIM certification.

How to be sure that you choose the best BIM solution for your needs? In this insight we’ll go through some of the best BIM software currently on the market and provide you with:

  • a comparative table with the main features to take into account when choosing a software;
  • a description of the main BIM software features.

BIM software comparison table: certifications, operating system required, processor and RAM

Before proceeding with the descriptions of the individual software programs, take a look at the following table to help you identifying which openBIM software programs are certified by buildingSMART and the minimum system requirements for your PC to have.

SoftwarebuildingSMART certificationOperating systemProcessor (CPU) and RAM
EdificiusYESMicrosoft® Windows® 7 SP1 64 bit
Microsoft®Windows® 8 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 10 64 bit
macOS 10.5+ (only using virtualizers)
Multi-Core Intel® Xeon®; i-Series or AMD® equivalent


RevitYESWindows® 10+
macOS 10.13+ (only with Parallels Desktop)
Single- or Multi-Core Intel®, Xeon®, or i-Series or AMD® equivalent with SSE2


VectorworksYESWindows® 10+
macOS 10.12
Intel® Core i5 or AMD® Ryzen 5


SketchUpNOWindows 10+
macOS 10.14+
minimum 2.1 GHz, recommended 2.8+ GHz


ArchiCADYESWindows 10+
macOS 10.14+


BlenderNOWindows 10+
macOS 10.14+


EdiLusYESMicrosoft® Windows® 7 SP1 64 bit
Microsoft®Windows® 8 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 10 64 bit
Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or superior


Tekla StructuresYESWindows 10 64 bit
Windows 8.1 64 bit
Intel® Core™ i5 CPU 2+ GHz


Civil 3DNOMicrosoft® Windows® 10 64 bit
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
2.5-2.9 GHz


NavisworkNOMicrosoft® Windows® 10 (64 bit)3 GHz


Allplan ArchitectureYESWindows 10, 64 bit
Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Windows 7, 64 bit (not recommended)
Intel® Core i7/Core i5/Core i9


Bexel ManagerYESWindows 7 SP1
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Intel® i5 quad-core or AMD®


PriMus®IFCYESMicrosoft® Windows® 7
Microsoft®Windows® 8 (no Windows RT)
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 (no Windows RT)
Microsoft® Windows® 10
Intel® Core2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or superior


InfraworksNOMicrosoft® Windows® 10 64 bit Enterprise o Pro+Intel® Core™2 dual-core or AMD equivalent processor


usBIM.clashYESMicrosoft® Windows® 7 SP1 64 bit
Microsoft®Windows® 8 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 10 64 bit. There is no requirement for the online version
Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or superior


MicroStationNOWindows 8.1+Processore Intel® or AMD® 1.0 GHz+


usBIM.editorYESMicrosoft® Windows® 7 SP1 64 bit
Microsoft®Windows® 8 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 10 64 bit. There is no requirement for the online version
Intel® Xeon®, i-Series or AMD® equivalent


Rhino 7NOWindows 8.1+
macOS 10.14+
Intel® Core i5 7400 Quad Core or AMD®


usBIM.checkerNOMicrosoft® Windows® 7 SP1 64 bit
Microsoft®Windows® 8 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 64 bit
Microsoft® Windows® 10 64 bit. There is no requirement for the online version
Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or superior

512 MB RAM

usBIM.platformYESThe minimum requirements are not defined as it is a browser-based service.
Autodesk BIM 360NOThe minimum requirements are not defined as it is a browser-based service.

1 – Edificius®

Edificius® is a BIM solution by ACCA® software that is IFC-certified by buildingSMART®.

The objective of this software house is to meet the challenges of digitising buildings and infrastructure and to ‘transform BIM into openBIM’.

As a matter of fact, ACCA software has the highest number of IFC-certified BIM software by buildingSMART® international in the world.

Edificius® is a 3D BIM architectural design software with 4D and 5D capabilities. This means that its tools are not only designed to plan the construction of a building, but also to monitor the entire life cycle.

The BIM modelling functions in Edificius® are extremely intuitive and easy-to-learn. You can draw in plan or 3D views, model with parametric BIM objects and easily access thousands of objects from the software’s online library. It also has functions that allow you to integrate various building design disciplines (architecture, HBIM, interior design, outdoor design, MEP installations, etc).

Moreover, Edificius® is also the first rendering software integrated with 3D/BIM design that allows you to have the best rendering in just a matter of minutes thanks to the AMD Radeon™ 2.0 Ray Tracing rendering engine and Artificial Intelligence.

Another valuable function in Edificius® is BIM modelling from point clouds obtained from photogrammetric surveys or laser scanning.

A 30-day free trial version is available, complete in all its functions, with no limitations.

Students, teachers  and educational institutions can access the Edificius® Educational version.

Architectural model produced with a BIM software | Biblus

Architectural model produced with a BIM software

2 – Revit®

Revit® is a CAD and BIM program for Windows® operating systems by Autodesk® that enables design with parametric modelling and drafting elements.

It is a program that includes a range of tools for architects, designers, MEP specialists, contractors and more.

Revit® has functions for parametric modelling of shapes, structures and systems in 3D, and a single design environment where multidisciplinary teams can collaborate.

It offers a wide range of rendering tools and features the Autodesk® Raytracer engine that uses realistic shading/lighting models to accurately represent materials. An extensive library of predefined materials is also available and can be modified to suit specific project requirements.

Revit® offers a thirty-day trial version and an Educational version for students, teachers and educational institutions.

3 – Vectorworks®

Vectorworks® is a software for BIM design, CAD drawing and 3D modelling. It is very popular among MAC compatible BIM software for architects working on Mac.

Vectorworks® is not an all-in-one solution but it is particularly well suited for 3D modelling with many design-focused tools that offer great freedom and flexibility. For architects and designers looking for BIM to help bring designs and concepts to life, Vectorworks® Architect is a good choice.

Features are available for parametric design, 2D documentation generation, photorealistic renderings and workflow optimisation.

Vectorworks® offers a free 30-day trial and a free Educational version for students and teachers.

4 – SketchUp®

SketchUp® is not a software developed exclusively for building design, but has a large number of plugins that add BIM functionalities.

With SketchUp® you can model anything from a simple house to a more complex energy-efficient flat project and access a library (3D Warehouse) from which you can download some 2.2 million models.

Another advantage of SketchUp® is its rendering capabilities with a large number of graphic styles that allow you to visualise and display the 3D model in different ways (hand sketch, watercolour, technical drawing, photo, etc.).

There is a free basic version of SketchUp® and a commercial version (SketchUp Pro®).

5 – ArchiCAD®

ArchiCAD® is a BIM software designed by Graphisoft®.

ArchiCAD® models in both 3D and 2D and offers functions for sharing and visualising design information that aim to simplify teamwork.

With the integration of Cinema 4D it is possible to generate photorealistic renderings that can be made even more realistic with post-processing in Photoshop®.

It is possible to use the free version of this software, which is limited in some of its functions, or to purchase the full version. Students, teachers and educational institutions are entitled to receive the fully functional educational version of Archicad® free of charge.

6 – Blender®

Blender® is an open-source program, mainly used for modelling 3D environments, creating animations, renderings and animated videos.

It can be a faster solution as compared to more robust software, as it does not require a lot of space for installation nor particularly high PC system requirements. In addition, it is available for all operating systems and can be used on any device even without installation, simply by carrying it with you on a USB pen drive.

Blender® offers native tools for creating animations and animated videos of your projects with the possibility of inserting sounds, interactive paths and animated characters in the video scenes.

7 – EdiLus®

EdiLus® is the BIM structural analysis and design software for new or existing buildings with reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber elements.

EdiLus® offers intuitive and integrated functions for modelling, analysis and design of different structures.

The most interesting function is the modelling with integrated FEM calculation, so that issues can be identified before the prototype is built and the design can be revised quickly and save costs.

A 30-day trial version is available, complete in all its functions, without any limitations. The Educational version of EdiLus® is also available for students, teachers and educational institutions.

Structural model created with a BIM software | Biblus

Structural model created with a BIM software

8 – Tekla® Structures

Tekla® Structures is a specialised structural design software produced by Trimble®. It is used for metalwork, concrete fabrication, AC structures and associated reinforcement.

The software is linked with most major FEM software via direct, two-way links.

A 30-day trial version and educational solutions are available.

9 – Civil 3D®

Civil 3D® is civil engineering design software by Autodesk®.

Autodesk Civil 3D® offers design, analysis, and simulation capabilities that enable connected workflows for surface modelling, construction site design, and water treatment facilities.

A one-month free trial and educational solutions are available.

10 – Naviswork®

Navisworks® is another BIM solution created by Autodesk®. It is a review and project management software for professionals and AEC teams.

Navisworks® is useful in the early stages of a project, i.e. in the pre-construction phase. It offers functions for identifying and solving problems caused by conflicts and interferences between models from different disciplines (architectural, structural and plant engineering) and improves the coordination of BIM projects.

A free trial version is available for one month and a free educational solution for one year.

11 – Allplan® Architecture

Allplan® Architecture is the solution for architects and engineers working in construction and infrastructure.

Allplan® Architecture offers multiple tools for model creation, visualization and document production. In particular, the integration of Visual Scripting facilitates the modelling of staircases and roofs as well as complex shapes.

Professional renderings are possible with the direct connection to MAXON® Cinema 4D.

A 30-day trial version and a full-featured Educational solution are available.

12 – Bexel® Manager

BEXEL® Manager is a BIM software solution for construction project management that integrates the most important 3D/4D/5D/6D uses of BIM technology into a single software interface.

BEXEL® offers functions that help implementing and co-ordinating complex construction activities, cost management and maintenance management of assets once the project has been built.

A free trial is available and an Educational version is available for students and teachers.

13 – PriMus®IFC®

Primus®IFC is a 5D BIM software that allows you to get an automatic bill of quantities directly from a BIM project.

PriMus®IFC allows you to easily view the cost of each element directly on the 3D model and to create a dynamic correspondence between the bill of quantities and the drawing so that every time you modify the project, the bill of quantities is automatically updated.

A free 30-day trial version is available as well as an Educational solution for students and teachers.

14 – Infraworks®

Infraworks® is the BIM software for conceptual design of civil infrastructures that allows design concepts to be modelled, analysed and visualised in the real context of a construction site.

Infraworks® allows you to aggregate large amounts of data to generate a detailed contextual model and integrate the design with geospatial GIS data.

Model renderings can be created to visually explore conceptual design options in context.

A free 30-day trial version and an educational version are available.

15 – usBIM.clash®

usBIM.clash® is the BIM Clash Detection software by ACCA® software that allows you to check for interferences and manage conflicts between BIM IFC models of different disciplines (architectural, structural and plant engineering).

The advantage of usBIM.clash® is that it is possible to carry out clash detection on BIM models regardless of the software used to create them.

It has functions for performing both hard and soft clash. The detected interferences can be easily visualised in a concise report with matrix structure.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between the desktop version of the software to be installed on your PC and the online version integrated in the BIM management system.

For both the desktop and the online version, a 30-day free trial version is available.

clash detection with a BIM software -usBIM.clash

BIM clash detection

16 – MicroStation®

MicroStation® is a BIM software by Bentley®, which enables the modelling of variable scale projects. It offers extensive interoperability with other software and plug-ins to improve its performance.

MicroStation® is a parametric modeller, which allows the design to be remodelled by simply changing the values that control the dimensions of its key components so that drawings from previous projects can be reused. It has 3D modelling tools that allow you to model almost any geometric shape.

A free 14-day trial version and an Educational version are available.

17 – usBIM.editor®

usBIM.editor® is the first software that allows you to work in an advanced way on the IFC file of any kind of project, architectural, structural, MEP, etc., regardless of the native BIM authoring application used.

The advantage of having a software for the management of an IFC file is due to the fact that, in the long run, the IFC model is definitely independent from the BIM software used to create it, which may no longer be available and/or not compatible with current standards.

usBIM.editor® has functions to edit and enrich the project with information and data and to manage the time and cost development of the project (4D and 5D BIM) in order to visualise and optimise the construction process.

Advanced architectural visualisation functions are available to produce professional, photorealistic renderings and immersive Virtual Reality to explore the project in full scale.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between the desktop version of the and the online version integrated in the usBIM management system.

For both desktop and online versions, a free 30-day trial version is available.

18 – usBIM.checker®

usBIM.checker® is ACCA®’s BIM validation software designed for BIM project quality control.

usBIM.checker® simplifies exponentially the data validation operations of a model in IFC format that would be much more cumbersome and complex by using otherwise a BIM authoring software. It offers specific functions to perform information inconsistency and geometric interference checks on IFC models, enter and edit properties of an IFC model and generate validation reports between IFC file data and checklists.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between the desktop version of the software to be installed on your PC and the online version integrated in the BIM coordination software usBIM.

For both the desktop and the online version, a 30-day free trial version is available.

19 – Rhinoceros® 7

Rhinoceros® is a BIM software particularly well known for creating complex structures.

Rhino® 7 is the latest updated version and includes functionality to create organic shapes with SubD tools (a new type of geometry that can be quickly modified with highly precise shapes).

It offers basic rendering tools and advanced plugins including Flamingo nXt, Brazil, Neon, Penguin, V-Ray, Maxwell, Air and Thea.

A free 90-day trial version is available as well as a low-cost version for teachers and students.

20 – usBIM.platform®

usBIM.platform® is a collaborative BIM platform by ACCA® software to manage the entire construction lifecycle in a single data sharing environment.

ACCA’s platform is the first IFC-certified platform by buildingSMART® international and is the platform to manage BIM processes in OpenBIM with technology solutions that have been awarded by buildingSMART International in recent years.

It offers a Common Data Environment (CDE) with integrated applications and services to manage BIM processes. usBIM.platform is a cloud infrastructure to create and manage BIM models online and based on the use of open formats. The platform has a Building Intelligence system with functions for:

  • viewing and managing building models, even of complex dimensions;
  • data collection and analysis;
  • planning and organisation of activities.

usBIM.platform® is registered in the STAR of the Cloud Security Alliance®, guaranteeing the high standards of cloud security offered.

It is possible to book a free trial version.

BIM collaboration platform | Biblus

BIM collaboration platform

21 – Autodesk BIM 360®

Autodesk BIM 360® is a collaborative BIM platform that integrates the entire project workflow from design to construction.

It offers functions to share and view data and models associated with BIM projects, to manage and approve drawings, documents and construction models, for model coordination, clash detection and for site safety control.

A 30-day free trial version is available.