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3D BIM objects: ACCA software and BIMobjects team up for a new international challenge

3D BIM objects: ACCA software and BIMobjects team up for a new international challenge

ACCA software, supporting designers in building BIM models with new content available on the popular BIMobject marketplace

BIM is a digital design methodology based on information sharing, organically integrating the activities of all the stakeholders involved in a project.

With BIM, a building is constructed twice, first virtually and then physically: the physical construction process only starts after the virtual modelling has been carried out and has met all the expectations and technical specifications, with considerable savings in terms of time and costs.

A project implemented with a BIM approach generates a building model composed of hundreds or thousands of BIM objects that can be monitored during the building management. The entire BIM process in fact relies on “objects” that reflect the real-world behaviour and specifications of a project.

Digitised objects incorporating certain information as “digital attributes” within the object itself constitute ‘libraries’ of BIM objects for designers to use within their project.

BIM object catalogues/libraries

One of the most interesting aspects of BIM is the possibility of using BIM objects, 3D digital representations of physical objects with specific features that identify them, from geometry to energy values and certifications.

A BIM object is essentially a data file that, together with object libraries, represents an useful tool for designers thanks to its geometrical components also including information relating to:

  • materials
  • technological properties
  • performance
  • material installation methods
  • specifications and prices.

ACCA’s BIM objects library

Extensive collection of BIM objects with free access in the industry are available online, either in open data formats or specific formats to be used within BIM authoring software design processes and to produce relevant construction documents.

ACCA software supports designers involved in the process of creating a BIM model with a dedicated Objects Library containing tens of thousands of free resources (Textures, CAD Blocks, 3D Models) by enabling better, quicker and more reliable communications of accurate project data.

3D BIM Objects: ACCA software and BIMobject built a new partnership

ACCA software BIM Libraries

ACCA software and BIMobject

ACCA software and BIMobject, a global marketplace for the construction industry with over 2.000 building product brands, have recently built a partnership to help professionals to deliver improved design workflows.

This collaboration with ACCA has led to the availablity of BIM objects and design assets in the ACCA .BOL native fomat to support its users providing a great advantage in terms of visibility to construction product manufacturers.

A joint effort by ACCA and BIMobject to offer Edificius designers easy access to manufacturer-certified and always up-to-date BIM content. Furthermore, a collaboration to support AEC technicians with the aim of providing a wide range of building materials as BIM objects and information relating to products that coexist in an architectural model.

The BIM objects in the ACCA – BIM Object Library format can be accessed for free download directly on the bimobject.com platform, while further releases of new products are planned in the upcoming months.

3D BIM Objects: ACCA software and BIMobject built a new partnership

Libraries on BIMobject

With Edificius, the ACCA’s BIM authoring software, you have the opportunity to visualize the entire project from all perspectives and even get into details with high-quality 3D resources.

This means that errors in design or furniture arranging can be easily fixed already during the design phase and you can make changes to your model before construction begins, also allowing your client to be part of the project decision-making process.

3D BIM objects: ACCA software and BIMobjects team up for a new international challenge

How to import 3D objects from the Edificius online library

High-quality design elements are ready for visualization in a 3D modelling environment or interacting in VR and when sharing and viewing a model on usBIM – the ACCA’s Cloud BIM integrated system.

All 3D model comparison come with a combination of different material sets and do not simply rely on predefined textures as with other BIM model formats. Colour variations can be easily customised and there is no need to send a folder of textures when sharing and collaborating on a BIM project.

When working in a collaborative environment with other colleagues and team members, all you need to send is a single small .bol file containing geometry, textures, IFC property sets and data sheets.

This is what makes Edificius unique among other BIM software!