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ACCA software, as always, will be the main attraction at the SAIE Italian building construction fair

The 2018 edition of SAIE is dedicated to Building Technologies and the 4.0 built environment having full focus on BIM. ACCA software will be participating with a great contribution to the widespread of BIM in all architectural firms and with new innovative software releases

The 2018 edition of the SAIE Expo will be held in Bologna from the 17th-20th October and concentrating mainly on the transformation of the construction industry through digitalisation, technologies and innovation.

ACCA software, the company with the largest number of IFC certified BIM software in the world that, for years, has covered a leadership role in the digital transformation of the built environment in Italy, will be the main protagonist of this event with an unprecedented effort to provide visitors with:

  • over 2100 m² space exhibition
  • 70 ACCA technical support experts available to visitors/clients
  • over 1000 presentations and software demos
  • 15 new software solutions, the widest range of BIM authoring software solutions and integrated systems for creating and managing BIM models
  • 32 free conferences

ACCA software will present cutting-edge solutions and innovative technologies for design, construction site digital management and the most advanced survey and data management technologies. Furthermore, ACCA will engage in two of the seven dedicated sessions of the DIGITAL & BIM thematic arenas that will feature this year at SAIE.

ACCA will also participate at the International Conference regarding, “The different modalities of digital transformation in buildings and the centrality of data – Scenarios, models, experiences and different levels of digital adoption in Italy, Europe and USA”.

15 new software

SAIE 2018 will therefore be the showcase to preview the new BIM ONE versions of ACCA software state-of-the-art solutions:

  • Edificius, the Architectural BIM Design software integrates with Installation systems Design (MEP), 3D point clouds, construction works scheduling, project multimedia presentation, immersive virtual reality, collaborative working.
  • PriMus, the first and only software with cloud-based cost estimating tools, artificial intelligence, BIM, collaborative working, cloud project management…
  • TerMus, the energy certification software solution leading to an even more advanced level 2 implementation of BIM technology…
  • CerTus, the reference for Construction Health & Safety aspects evolves even more with the collaborative platform (CDE) of the entire BIM model, web-based health & safety plan management, collaborative working and integration with the full immersive virtual reality environment for various purposes such as, training and virtual tours of the building site
  • EdiLus, the structural calculation software fully enters the BIM process integrating with the collaborative usBIM.platform, defining an idea of unitary and shared design.

in addition to:

  • CerTus-PN, the advanced Scaffolding design and safety solution that is increasingly integrated into BIM processes for greater versatility and simplicity of work.
  • Solarius-PV, the first BIM for photovoltaic systems design integrated with the architectural model.
  • PriMus-PLATFORM, the new module for the construction supervision of reinforced concrete structures, new on-line monitoring dashboards, integration with the BIM ONE usBIM.platform.

Furthermore, new software solutions preview:

  • Edificius-MEP, the first Italian BIM able to integrate architecture and technical installation systems modeling.
  • usBIM.code, Code Checking to verify the correspondence of IFC format BIM models in accordance to project requirements or technical/legislative standards.
  • usBIM.clash, 3D virtual models Clash Detection for IFC files, interference checking and conflict management between design teams that are involved in the different stages of model federation and design.
  • usDOC.platform, the new collaborative document management cloud platform for companies, quantity surveyors and public administrations.
  • usBIM.platform ONE, the BIM collaborative platform for Common Data Environments (CDE) management.
  • PriMus-PLATFORM BIM ONE, the new module for reinforced concrete structures work management, new on-line monitoring dashboards, integration with the BIM ONE usBIM.platform.