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Technology Leadership Award

ACCA wins the buildingSMART International Awards 2020

ACCA wins the prestigious buildingSMART International Awards for the second year running: this year as technological leader in the field of IFC dissemination and openBIM

ACCA software does it again and wins at the buildingSMART International Awards 2020 for the second year running. The announcement was made during the Virtual Awards ceremony.

ACCA software, standard member of buildingSMART international, received the prestigious ‘Technology Leadership Award, a specific category that goes to the best companies that have innovatively developed technologies in the field of interoperability and freedom of collaboration with the openBIM methodology.

ACCA software_CEO

ACCA software_CEO_buildingSMART International Awards 2020

ACCA software’s CEO Guido Cianciulli said:

ACCA is a leading company for the development of openBIM technology.

I’m proud of my 200 collaborators and honored of this achievement. We are the protagonists of a highly significant change in history.

Our sacrifices have been rewarded with this great result and we consider ourselves lucky for being able to express our capabilities and work even during such difficult times”

ACCA wins the buildingSMART International Awards 2020

Antonio Cianciulli, ACCA software’s Marketing Manager

Here’s how Antonio Cianciulli, ACCA’s Marketing Manager, presents usIFCserver:

”This is a revolutionary technology that allows any device to read and edit an IFC file which is shared in the cloud. 

A technological change that can be compared with other major innovations. Just think of the transition from photography to film projection: no longer single photo frames, but a continuous stream of data that modifies the model from anywhere and with any tool.

I would define it as a technological and democratic shift towards absolute collaboration freedom and a multitude of advantages. Although developed for the construction sector, but also has various other uses in other fields too.

The focus is no longer on the PC, as up to a few years ago, or on the cloud; it’s now focused on data. An asset that can be used not only in terms of viewing, but also in terms of editing and updating models, regardless of the proprietary formats used.

Consider the enormous advantages it could bring in terms of cost-effectiveness, scalability and use, especially within Public Administrations”.

ACCA was also congratulated by IBIMI Italia, both a national and international reference for the promotion of OpenBIM: “We are pleased and very proud to announce that the IBIMI buildingSMART member ACCA software is the winner of the Technology Leadership Award at the buildingSMART International Awards 2020”.

buildingSMART International Awards 2020

The Building SMART International Awards go to the best companies that have developed projects with Open BIM solutions for design, planning, construction and management of resources in the construction field; this annual award is therefore a recognition of the extraordinary work accomplished on real case study projects that adopt and use BIM standards and solutions.

The winning project presented by ACCA, usIFC.server, is an applied technological solution that is based on the ‘buildingSMART schema‘, beating hundreds of important international projects in the same category. Here’s the list of the finalists:

  • BEXEL Consulting (Slovenia) – “Project Management of Novo Brdo Residential Complex Project utilizing intelligent openBIM workflows”;
  • BIM & Scan (Ireland) – “BIM & Scan AutoCorr and AutoGen”;
  • Ineco (Spain) – “InBIM”;
  • Lendlease (Australia) – “A modular toolkit for developing openBIM data pipelines”;
  • Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Norway) – “Machine Readable Norwegian Classification Manual for Bridge Registrations”.


usIFC.server substantially modifies the concept that we have of IFC files today, transforming their use in the BIM process from static to dynamic.

IFC models are monolithic, difficult to manage and to update but with usIFC.server, it becomes not only possible, but even easier and quicker to keep them updated using any client software and/or device regardless of proprietary formats used. In practice, usIFC.server enables IFC files to be simultaneously available to multiple users who collaborate and share their model in the openBIM format with the ability to read and modify it dynamically even when using different software or devices.

usIFCserver - buildingSMART International Awards


The usIFC.server technology integrated in usBIM.platform and usBIM.browser, represents a unique way to collaborate with other authoring software solutions, such as Edificius, allowing various operators to work simultaneously on the shared BIM model on cloud in the open IFC format and view any changes from their desktop in real time.


The openBIM refers to “a set of universal rules for the development of collaborative design and construction management of buildings and infrastructures based on open standards and workflows“.

The main objective of the openBIM is therefore to facilitate data exchange among all the actors involved in the process of creating a BIM model in different phases of a building’s lifecycle: from design to construction operations, from building maintenance to demolition and recycling of components and materials.


Check the buildingSMART International Awards website.