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Architectural rendering: What is it and why use it?

How Technology Is Transforming the Architectural Visualization Industry

How Technology Is Transforming the Architectural Visualization Industry. 5 good reasons to prefer Edificius to competitor products for your photorealistic renderings

The architecture and design of urban environments  involve a multitude of stakeholders, such as engineers, architects, landscape architects, construction companies, clients and other less specialized professionals. Everyone sees the process from different perspectives, having different objectives and needs.

For any architectural project to be successful, a ‘shared understanding’ is therefore required to be reached between all parties involved.

Architectural visualization techniques can help with this as, often, two-dimensional drawing is not sufficient to provide clients with specific project characteristics and information.

architectural render

Country house design – render produced with Edificius

What is architectural visualization

Architectural visualization is the process that involves the creation of photorealistic images and animations in 2D and 3D to show architectural projects in a realistic way.

In addition, architectural rendering is a valid design preview tool that transforms the architectural model into realistic visualizations: a clear and immediate photorealistic image, which does not lead to misunderstandings.

The designer can, for example, show a project development to his client through a series of renderings, so as to allow to make any changes, if necessary, before the actual construction phase.

architectural render

Interior design – render produced with Edificius

Why use architectural visualization

3D rendering for architecture demonstrates what a building will look like before it is built. By presenting the project through 3D architectural rendering allows you to see everything on a more realistic scale.

Through the use of software for 3D architectural modeling and rendering, the designer is able to adjust projects in real time, quickly moving from concept to concrete and exploring different options, as well as improving and creating multiple versions of the projects.

Furthermore, thanks to visualization tools to experience the project in a immersive reality view, the designer is able to acquire a much clearer understanding of the “qualitative and quantitative nature” of the spaces he is designing.

In summary, 3D rendering, and architectural visualization more generally, can help architects and designers to work collaboratively and communicate ideas more efficiently.

3D visualization can be used as a marketing tool with clients, or to plan consultations with designers and at the same time it can be used to improve the way buildings are developed by design teams.

architectural render

Interior design – render produced with Edificius

Architectural visualization: the 5 mains why you choose Edificius

Typically, 3D digital visualization has always been a time-consuming, and therefore a costly process.

On the contrary, Edificius, the ACCA’s architectural design software, allows you to instantly convert your 3D architectural model in high-quality visualizations and immersive real-time experiences.

Here are some great reasons to use Edificius for your architectural rendering.

1- Software architectural design environment

Edificius does not connect to a separate CAD / BIM design environment, as it is the case for other software. Everything is perfectly and dynamically integrated, in full respect of the true BIM philosophy.

“Connecting the project created with the X software to the Y graphical software” or “moving easily on the X and Y programs to create photorealistic 3D renderings “is something that won’t happen in Edificius. The Edificius photorealistic rendering environment is perfectly integrated into the architectural design software, with all the benefits that come with it.

You don’t even need any additional training or to export files to a separate program or upload them to the cloud – everything you view and edit in your model is instantly showed in Edificius.

2- Easy to use

One of the main reasons why designers prefer Edificius is that it a solution extremely easy to use.

You don’t need to be an expert: just a simple click and a few simple settings are enough to immediately covert your BIM model into a 3D architectural rendering.

3 – Rendering production at maximum speed

Edificius allows you to perform your rendering process in just a matter of minutes during the design workflow, giving you considerable support in verifying the validity of your design choices.

4 – Maximum quality resources

Get more photo-realistic architectural renderings, thanks to the extensive BIM objects library equipped with thousands of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials that allow you to quickly and correctly calculate the amount of light reflected in the materials and its direction.

5 – Excellent value for money

An annual subscription to another photorealistic rendering software with features comparable to those found in Edificius usually costs around 1000 €. The AIr-BIM environment for photorealistic rendering is, on the contrary, included in Edificius.