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How do we assign measurements data to draw objects and elements with a BIM architectural design software_Edificius

How to assign measurement data to an architectural element with a BIM software

How do we assign measurements data to draw objects and elements with an architectural BIM design software?

The information included in a 3D model, developed by means of a typical BIM design process, is the basic reference point for works management in a construction site. This information gives us the possibility to accurately identify and monitor site requirements, material supplies and construction cost management. Moreover, it also allows a thorough check of all the operational activities in a construction site and as long as each element’s data and attibutes are correctly defined by the project design team, even the most complex of buildings can be constantly monitored and work processes optimized at any time.

In this example, let’s take a look at how the BIM entity measurements data is defined through keyboard input using Edificius, the BIM architectural design software.

Elements data configuration in a BIM project

Let’s start designing an envelope: select the object from the Edificius Objects menu, then set the first point by left clicking withing the drawing model.

Vertical envelope: selection and insertion_BIM software_Edificius

Vertical envelope: selection and insertion

In order to insert the envelope’s second point, use the keyboard so as to manually insert the building envelope’s measurement, then confirm by clicking the Enter key.

Vertical envelope: measurements insertion_BIM software_Edificius

Vertical envelope: measurements insertion

The Horizontal envelope’s measurements are entered in the same way: select the entity from the Objects menu, then set its first point on the drawing model.

Horizontal envelope: selection and insertion_BIM softare_Edificius

Horizontal envelope: selection and insertion

At this stage, simply type in the measurement and confirm by clicking the Enter key. This action will set the enevelope’s second point and lead you to the third point.

Horizontal envelope: measurements insertion_BIM software_Edificius

Horizontal envelope: measurements insertion

After drawing the object, you can edit all its relavant measurements: just select the drawn object, then manually type in the measurement to edit, including the angle value.

Horizionatal envelope: measurements and angles editing_BIM software_Edificius

Horizionatal envelope: editing measurements and angles

You can insert measurements and distances for all objects by simply typing them in from the keyboard.

Measurements setting for inserted objects_BIM software_Edificius

Measurements setting for inserted objects

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