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What’s a BIM VDC Manager?

What you need to know about BIM VDC managers: activities, work tools, qualifications and responsibilities

BIM files: the main BIM formats for design

BIM files are types of file formats containing 3D models with various kinds of information (costs, time, thermal properties, etc.). Here are the main formats and how to view them

ACCA software premium partner at BIM World 2022

On 5th and 6th April, the main global event promoting the digitization of the construction sector kicks off in Paris. As premium partner of the event, ACCA software will be participating with conferences, workshops and live demonstrations for the entire event duration

21 best BIM software of 2022

BIM software tools improve collaboration, reduce design costs and delivery times while making construction processes more efficient. Here’s a comparison between the best BIM software available today.

What is 10D BIM?

10D BIM: what does it mean and why it is so important in improving productivity in the construction industry