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automatic cost estimate data directly from a BIM project

Automatic cost estimate data directly from a BIM project

Simplify the quantity surveyor workflow by generating an automatic cost estimate data directly from a BIM project: today all this is possible with BIM integration processes with the IFC format. Let's see how it works.

Generating a detailed cost estimate, whether it regards an architectural, structural, or MEP layout, has always been a great desire for any professional.

Any quantity surveyor would find these kinds of software tools of great help while ensuring speed and accuracy in composing a detailed cost estimate of the entire building or infrastructure.

"But are there any valid solutions that can help achieve these results?"

In recent years, the use of BIM oriented tools has been a great advantage representing an ever more valid answer to this question.

BIM technology allows the IFC data format to collaborate in building the BIM model with the support of multiple software and, as a result, to encourage cooperation among different professional disciplines in running and managing a project.
In this case, there are software that allow you to generate a construction cost estimate by automatically detecting quantities directly from the entity properties used in creating the BIM model.

These tools allow you to import and read IFC files from any BIM software (architectural design, structural calculations, plant engineering, etc.) and for each entity can show the relevant properties that serve as valid quantity surveying information.

Getting measurement data directly from a BIM project

Let's see how to automatically generate this measurement data with the PriMus-IFC  program in a very rapid and easy manner.

First thing is to import the BIM model into PriMus-IFC via the "Create estimate from IFC file" button.

Acquiring quantity data from a BIM Model

All information attached to the IFC entities in the BIM model is immediately available.

IFC entity data

In addition to the information already present in the project, PriMus-IFC can also enrich the BIM model with additional data (associating materials, prices and formulas) useful for composing the estimate document.

In fact, by means of simple drag and drop operations, the surveyor can assign a reference price list/book item to specific or multiple BIM entities.

Additionally, specific features within the program allow you to quickly define its quantities by adding formulas and other entity properties contained in the BIM model.


Assigning a Quantity Surveyor measurement Formula using PriMus-IFC

PriMus-IFC behaves like a real BIM tool, in fact, it extends the object information of the model created by the BIM authoring software.
Aggregated information refers to job descriptions that may not have been graphically represented in the object during the construction phase of the model, but which are indispensable for carrying out the quantity surveying process.

Dynamic updating of the Cost estimate

In PriMus-IFC when linking formulas and price list items to entities, a match is created between the graphical entity, which is in fact an Object, and the relating unit cost. The established link is totally "dynamic".

Should any changes to the project be necessary using the software, when re-importing it back into PriMus-IFC, the estimate data (BoQ information) is automatically updated.

This is made possible because the model entities are linked to the Estimate data through formulas and price list items that remain the same even after having introduced design changes.

Here's a short video that shows how the project cost estimate process is updated dynamically.

Try PriMus-IFC for free and find out all the software's potential for preparing detailed quantity surveyor documents from IFC files.