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Awards buildingSMART International 2023 BIM

buildingSMART International Awards 2023: special mention to the ACCA’s usBIM.geotwin project

ACCA software reaffirms its global leadership in openBIM with a special mention at the buildingSMART Awards 2023 for product innovation brought by usBM.geotwin

The buildingSMART International Standards Summit has taken place in Lillestrøm, Norway, a traditional semi-annual event this year focusing on the theme ‘Digital Products and openBIM® Workflow.’ During the event, the buildingSMART International Awards 2023 were presented, an annual competition that rewards prestigious universities and companies that have developed the best openBIM® practices or brought innovative solutions to the design, planning, construction, and lifecycle management of built assets.

ACCA software has reaffirmed its global leadership in openBIM with a special mention for the innovation brought by its new product usBM.geotwin. With this product, it is now possible to integrate BIM models in mandatory IFC format into Public Contracts with GIS, build Smart Cities, and better manage the territories of entire cities, regions, and nations. A significant step toward a more sustainable planet!

The recognition received by ACCA is the result of its constant commitment to innovation. With usBIM.geotwin, the company has once again demonstrated its leadership in the integration of openBIM and GIS for the geospatial management of buildings and infrastructure.

Awards buildingSMART International 2023

The ACCA delegation led by CEO Guido Cianciulli and some members of the buildingSMART Awards 2023 jury

openBIM and GIS: the digital revolution for geospatial management of the future

Digital construction is not a passing trend; it’s the future of the industry, and the integration of openBIM and GIS (Geographic Information System) is opening up new horizons for the geospatial management of buildings, infrastructure, and entire cities.
openBIM and GIS, when combined, can create incredible synergies. openBIM offers the possibility to share BIM (Building Information Modeling) models openly and interoperably, while GIS allows advanced visualization and analysis of geospatial data. usBIM.geotwin allows the integration of openBIM models in IFC format directly into GIS, opening the doors to advanced and intelligent geospatial management.

Benefits of the openBIM and GIS integration

The integration of openBIM and GIS enables the construction of Smart Cities, where geospatial data and BIM information merge for more efficient, sustainable, and intelligent urban planning. Not only cities but also regions and nations can benefit from this integration. Territorial management becomes more precise and effective, allowing for more efficient planning and maintenance of infrastructure. The combined use of openBIM and GIS is not only a step forward in efficiency but also in sustainability. Advanced geospatial management helps optimize resources, reduce waste, and contribute to a more sustainable planet.
In a constantly evolving world, the integration of openBIM and GIS is the key to advanced and intelligent geospatial management. Discover how usBIM.geotwin is leading this transformation and join the digital revolution for a more sustainable future.

Digital Twin GIS: Integrating openBIM and GIS for Smart Cities

Geospatial Digital Twins are changing the way we conceive and manage buildings and infrastructure. The collaboration between ACCA and Esri has given rise to the ArcGIS Digital Twins of usBIM.geotwin, the step forward that will transform the construction sector into a more efficient and intelligent future.

Geospatial Digital Twin – usBIM.geotwin

usBIM.geotwin is the future of geospatial management, an advanced Geo Digital Twin that combines GIS data with openBIM IFC models in an unprecedented blend. There are no limits to complexity, the number of projects, or data updates; models interact in real-time, connecting data from technicians, construction companies, and maintainers; buildings and infrastructure become devices capable of communicating with each other at a geospatial level.
In this way, thanks to the dynamic and bidirectional integration of openBIM and GIS by usBIM.geotwin, it is possible to:

  • always have access to BIM information for geospatial queries, with no size or complexity limitations.
  • perform spatial queries on GIS and immediately view the BIM model to optimize design choices.
  • access real-time detailed data throughout the IFC asset’s lifecycle.

By integrating openBIM models with GIS data, the software optimizes asset management at every stage of the asset’s lifecycle: all changes and updates to digital models are immediately available in GIS, ensuring information sharing and activity coordination. With usBIM.geotwin, it is also possible to monitor complex infrastructure systems, receive real-time alerts about hazardous situations, and remotely control infrastructure through virtual reality. Detailed maintenance interventions, asset properties, and performed activities can be viewed in detail.
The integration of openBIM and GIS, with the help of usBIM.geotwin, is revolutionizing the construction and territorial management industries. This synergy between BIM and geospatial data offers unprecedented opportunities for the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure, and entire cities. It’s time to embrace this digital revolution and transform the future of geospatial management.

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