BIM battles: a new way to spread BIM adoption faster

BIM battles: a new way to spread BIM adoption faster

Revit vs Edificius: BIM battles arrive in France as a new way to spread BIM awareness in the AEC industry

What’s the best way to learn how to use a BIM software?

Probably the best way would be to see it in a “battlefield scenario” playing against an opponent. Based on this new way of learning, the FFB-French Building Federation (Federation Française du Batiment) has recently introduced their “BIM battles” with a series of events involving AEC companies and technical experts.

BIM battles: a new way to spread BIM adoption faster

The event organized by the French Building Federation

Edificius vs Revit

A first confrontation was between Edificius and Revit. These two BIM software were put to the test on 11th February in the French Building Federation’s headquarters.

Technicians and construction companies could see the two BIM authoring solutions in a real time modelling contest dealing with practical cases and compare their way of solving real everyday problems.

Revit vs Edificius


ACCA software’ s French partners, Bimaxes showcased how the different project phases could be managed by the two competing software solutions in a side-by-side simulation.

BIM battle: software comparison

The two software side-by-side: Revit’s interface on the left and Edificius’ interface on the right

This “friendly” between Edificius and Revit was widely appreciated by the public.

BIM breakthrough for today’s young people

The Federation took this occasion to highlight the importance of BIM processes and the advantages of fully embracing BIM in terms of major opportunities for public administrations, private companies and professionals.

Another top benefit according to the Federation is the fact that, the digital transformation of the construction industry will attract more young people, which are generally less inclined to make a career in traditional construction.