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BIM Modelling with paramteric Architectural Objects - Lifts and how they are used.

BIM modeling with parametric architectural BIM objects: what are they and how to use them?

Parametric architectural BIM objects make design easier, faster and much more precise. Here are some of the advantages of BIM modeling with a practical example

The great advantage of working with a BIM software is the possibility for designers to use "intelligent" objects, i.e. parametric architectural objects that can be automatically represented in 3D or 2D and that contain a large amount of information, regarding, for example, material layers, geometry, thermal and mechanical properties, etc.

Thanks to the use of BIM objects we can obtain many advantages such as:

  • significant time saving (the designer will no longer have to draw an incredible amount of lines, polylines or other 2D entities, but simply insert objects with specific properties).
  • errors are greatly reduced and greater simplicity of design (the designer will be able to work faster and in more detail).

In order to understand how a BIM object can improve and facilitate designers' work and bring significant advantages in terms of time, simplicity and reduction of errors, we will start off by seeing this practical example.

Let's see how to insert the "elevator" object into a BIM model and define its properties with a few simple steps.

How to design and build an elevator with an architectural BIM software

Using Edificius, the architectural BIM design software, we can model the elevator shaft even in very complex multi-storey buildings.

Let's see how to proceed with a few simple steps.

In order to insert the elevator we can operate both in plan and in 3D views.

Let's start selecting the Elevator object from the Drawing menu directly within the 3D view.

From the properties toolbox we can then define and customize the elevator's main features:

  • materials and dimensions of the elevator cabin car
  • door opening
  • number of landings
  • landing floors
  • landing devices (push-button panels, floor indicators, etc.)




Watch the video below to see how to design an elevator with Edificius BIM software.


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