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buildingSMART Spain introduces EN-ISO 19650

buildingSMART Spain introduces EN-ISO 19650

The Spanish chapter of buildingSMART has published a guide introducing EN-ISO 19650 part 1 and 2: the new BIM standards in Spain

After the adoption and transposition of the EN-ISO 19650 standard, part 1 and 2, buildingSMART Spain has made available a study entitled:

“Introduccion a la serie EN-ISO 19650 Partes 1 y 2”

The document aims at facilitating the understanding of the ISO standard and its fundamental principles, for an easier application in BIM projects in Spain, before the adoption of EN-ISO 19650 by the UNE (the Spanish standardization body).

In fact, by 2019 the UNE will have to implement the Spanish transposition of EN-ISO 19650 through the committee “CTN 41 / SC13 Organización de modelos de información relativos a la edificación y a la obra civil (Organization of Modeling Information Relative to Building and Civil Works) “.


The buildingSMART guide

The text clarifies the principles underlying parts 1 and 2 of the international standard EN-ISO 19650 and also wants to be compliant to the Spanish construction sector.

The standardization of information design and management processes will enable stakeholders to fully exploit the potential of BIM through collaborative work, which is the reason why buildingSMART Spain promotes the adoption of these standards.

Also attached to the guide, users can find a glossary with the original terminology which is translated from English. There are also notes and suggestions regarding the ISO standard in order to facilitate its understanding.

The document is divided into three sections:

1 – Introduction

  • objective of the document
  • objective of the EN-ISO 19650 series
  • building information modelling (BIM) according to ISO 19650

2 – General principles of the EN-ISO 19650 series

  • parties interested in EN-ISO 19650 standards
  • principles of management and information

3 – Annexes

  • annex 1 – glossary
  • annex 2 – sub-activities diagram during the development phase
  • annex 3 – information development program

EN-ISO 19650 standard

The EN-ISO 19650 standard is a set of international standards that define the principles, objectives and requirements for the acquisition, use and management of information contained in projects and in architecture and civil engineering construction processes.

It was mainly established for:

  • stakeholders involved in design, construction and commissioning phases
  • stakeholders involved in the management and maintenance of buildings once completed

The EN-ISO 19650 series consists of several parts:

  • Part 1 – general concepts and principles
  • Part 2 – information development and management processes during the design phase
  • Part 3 – information development and management processes during the construction phase
  • Part 4 – information security requirements

The standard can be applied to projects of any size, from large infrastructure projects to small residential projects.

The following figure shows a diagram with the relationships between the different stakeholders.

Interactions between the different actors involved in the BIM process


Click here to download the guide by buildingSMART Spain