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BIM and Architecture

Focus, examples and use cases of BIM in architectural design.

Casa Kwantes-MVRDV-Single-family detached homes by famous architects-architecture software BIM Edificius

Single-family detached homes by famous architects with BIM models

Here are some single-family detached homes examples by famous…
Single-family detached home definition architecture and projects to download-BIM software-Edificius-Kaufmann House-Richard Neutra

Single-family detached home with a BIM model for download

Architecture Focus on a single-family detached home: definition…
apartment building projects produced with Edificius, the architectural BIM design software

Apartment building design with famous project examples

Inspiring apartment building design complete with descriptions,…
Apartment building plans projects with DWG resources_architectural design software Edificius

Apartment building plans: the project guide with design criteria, DWG resources and BIM model for download

How to design apartment buildings: a case study with definition,…
Social housing famous projects with DWG drawings and 3D BIM models ready for download_software-for-architects-Edificius

Social housing famous projects with DWG drawings and 3D BIM models ready for download

Here are some examples of social housing projects with common…

How to design terraced houses with garden or patio: the technical guide

The complete guide to designing terraced houses with garden or…
Townhouses projects and examples with plants, area views, dwg drawings download software BIM Edificius

BIM-based design of Townhouses with floor plans, area Views and CAD resources

Architectural Focus: modern and classical townhouses (or terraced…
dimensions of BIM

The dimensions of BIM – 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D BIM explained

The dimensions of BIM: an intuitive overview to outline the heterogeneity…