Articles and focus insights regarding IFC and Open BIM

IFC file structure: IfcObjectDefinition

IFC file structure (part1): the IfcObjectDefinition

IFC file structure: The IfcObjectDefinition is one of the pillars…
How to convert a DWG file to IFC with usBIM.viewer +

How to convert a DWG into an IFC file

A quick and practical example that shows how to convert a DWG…
GIS and BIM collaboration platforms

GIS and BIM collaboration platforms

Integrating GIS and BIM collaboration platforms allows team members…
Construction documents and BIM collaboration platform

Construction documents management on a BIM platform

Here are some specific services to create and manage construction…
Communication in BIM-based processes- The BCF open format

Open BCF format: how to optimize communication in BIM processes

BCF format and usBIM.bcf: a powerful communication management…
IfcRelationShip: IFC schema

IFC schema (part2): the IfcRelationship concept

IfcRelationship is the second pillar of the IFC data schema.…