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Construction Management in the digital age

Revolutionizing Construction Management in the digital age: a guide for engineers, architects and surveyors

Discover how the digital age is transforming construction management: more organized and effective site control and construction phase.

In the digital age, construction and infrastructure construction management faces unique challenges. Experts in this field, including engineers, architects, and surveyors, are tasked with managing increasing complexity, ensuring that every issue identified on-site is resolved effectively and promptly.

This article explores the difficulties encountered in the profession and how the software usBIM.resolver can be a crucial ally in overcoming them.

The Construction Manager’s Dilemma

The construction manager oversees the practical execution of the project, ensuring technical, accounting, and administrative control: ensuring that the project is carried out to high standards and in accordance with the project and contract; constantly supervising the site to ensure compliance with project specifications, timelines, and budgeted costs; playing a key role in quality control by verifying the conformity of materials and compliance with construction standards by contractors; managing any changes or issues during the construction phase promptly and efficiently.
The role of the construction manager is therefore crucial in ensuring that every aspect of the construction project corresponds to plans and complies with current regulations. This responsibility involves:

  1. Identification of non-conformities: recognizing discrepancies between the project and on-site execution;
  2. Assignment and tracking of solutions: assigning necessary corrections and monitoring their implementation;
  3. Documentation and continuous control: maintaining detailed records of activities and solutions adopted.

The Digital Revolution

Construction managers, often struggling with snag lists and non-compliance with project specifications, can now simplify management with usBIM.resolver. This intelligent solution ensures project completion on time, within budget, and meeting required quality standards. An effective system to manage and simplify the complexity of construction management on a construction site.

Innovation in Site Management

  1. Rapid detection and reporting: usBIM.resolver allows for the identification and reporting of non-conformities directly from the site via mobile devices.
  2. Real-time assignment and monitoring: the software facilitates assigning responsibilities and defining deadlines, enabling constant tracking.
  3. Efficient communication: an integrated chat enables constant connection among team members.

Concrete Examples of Usage
During an inspection, a construction manager notices a discrepancy in the installation of a piping system. Using usBIM.resolver on his tablet, he immediately reports the issue, assigns the correction task to the responsible team, and establishes a deadline.

On another site, the manager uses geolocation to indicate an error in the construction of a load-bearing wall. The team receives the notification and intervenes quickly, thanks to the precise location.

Monitoring and Documentation

  1. Resolution tracking: the manager can verify which issues have been resolved and close relevant reports.
  2. Photographic and geolocated documentation: every stage of the site is documented with photos and videos, providing a visual chronicle of the project.

Practical Examples
In an advanced project stage, the manager uses archived images to verify the correct installation of elements that are no longer visible, such as pipes or wiring.

At the end of the project, comprehensive photographic documentation provides a detailed view of the construction process, useful for future reviews or demonstrating compliance with specifications.

Efficient Management and Stress Reduction

Creating a task list with assigned responsibilities reduces the need to memorize every detail. Also, having all necessary and well-organized documentation in digital format improves efficiency and reduces errors.

Benefits for Construction Management in the Digital Age

Carrying out the role of construction manager often means dealing with unexpected events and heavy obligations. Ensuring physical presence on-site is not always possible, and problem resolution often involves interaction among different parties involved in the work. Working and collaborating with contractors, suppliers, and colleagues even away from the office is therefore a real need. Using online tools and software is the solution:

  • Greater control and quality: digital management ensures constant and precise monitoring of activities, leading to superior construction quality;
  • Time and cost savings: using online tools and software allows for the management of issues and difficulties even away from the office, with any device, thus saving time and resources;
  • Stress reduction: the certainty of efficient and organized management allows the manager to work with greater tranquility and satisfaction. Try usBIM.resolver, the construction management software, for free


Construction management in the digital age requires tools that can simplify and make site management more effective. usBIM.resolver stands as an indispensable software for industry professionals, providing innovative solutions for daily challenges. Its ability to improve communication, track non-conformities, and document every phase of the construction process represents a significant leap forward in construction management. Try it for free!