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The importance of Construction Progress Photos in monitoring project advancement

Regularly capturing construction progress photos is crucial for monitoring work advancement. Learn how to manage them effectively

If you ask any professional what the most complex phase of the entire construction process is, they will undoubtedly answer that the execution phase is.

In fact, it’s during the execution phase that numerous stakeholders are involved, often with conflicting visions and interests, and the most difficult issues might arise, greatly influencing the successful outcome of the project.

Managing the construction process is a critical issue; being aware of the project’s development process and monitoring everything that happens on the construction site at all times is indeed very important.

In this article, we’ll be explaining the potential of photographic documentation in monitoring work progress and in the early identification of issues, and we will discover how photographic documentation can positively influence the life cycle of a construction project.

Monitoring work advancement through Construction Progress Photos

An excellent method to show progress in a construction project and verify compliance with the design is undoubtedly to prepare photographic documentation.

During project execution, photos have the ability to capture and record much more information than textual documentation, such as:

Progress photos are much more than simple snapshots of a construction site; by analyzing them, you can immediately notice all the most important elements, as well as any problems or delays, allowing for timely corrective measures.

Using photos in tasks to report construction errors |usBIM.resolver

Using photos in tasks to report construction errors |usBIM.resolver

The Importance of Photographic Documentation in the Construction Industry

Photographic documentation is a very important tool for professionals for several key reasons; let’s see them together:

  • monitoring work status: by integrating daily reports with photographic documentation, it is possible to document the progress status of a construction process with a visual context, highlighting achieved and pending objectives;
  • greater accuracy: while written notes may be prone to errors, a photo shows the site’s condition as it is with maximum accuracy and precision;
  • improved sharing and communication: sending photos to stakeholders is quick and reduces communication errors and misunderstandings;
  • better accessibility: how many times has a technician struggled to access certain construction sites? Just think about work at height. Taking photos or recording videos from a drone allows you to overcome accessibility problems;
  • quality and compliance control: photos taken during work execution are essential tools to verify that the work quality and project compliance with numerous construction regulations and standards;
  • work analysis and presentation: by collecting and preserving photos of each site inspection carried out, it is possible not only to create and analyze the work process systematically, identifying potentials and critical aspects to improve in future contracts but also to create presentations to show to clients;
  • avoiding disputes: photos are now georeferenced and represent effective evidence to testify the work’s progress and the presence of damage or construction defects;
  • identifying and correcting issues promptly: photos provide an extremely detailed visual representation of the current site condition. This means that project teams can pinpoint any problems or discrepancies from the initial plan with precision and clarity. Through a specific issue management software, it is possible to attach photos of critical areas and issues directly to tasks, allowing for immediate understanding of necessary interventions.
Advantage of progress photos on construction projects

Advantage of progress photos on construction projects

The Importance of Cloud for Monitoring Work Progress

As we have already mentioned, photographic documentation is essential to identify and promptly correct any issues and to certify the correct project completion and avoid disputes with stakeholders.

Even more important, however, it is being able to access progress photos any time and from any device, with the possibility of automatically sharing them with your project team.

If you are still manually organizing your photos and other construction documentation in folders located on difficult-to-access local servers, be aware that there are specific platforms for the construction industry that aim to automate this process, saving you precious time!

Have you ever thought about creating dedicated cloud spaces for your projects in a centralized platform where you can easily search for all the documentation you need through tags and keywords?

Moreover, with a unified cloud workspace accessible from a simple smartphone, you can communicate with your entire team and have photographic reports available even when you cannot be physically on site.

Even when you cannot reach the construction site, any of your collaborators can go there on your behalf, take photos of the work progress, and share them in the project’s cloud folder. This way, thanks to integration with construction management software, you can highlight notes and errors by assigning complete tasks with all photographic documentation!