COVID-19: Download these editable anti-contagion safety protocols for company workplaces and construction sites

COVID-19: Download these editable anti-contagion safety protocols for company workplaces and construction sites, together with a full set of infographics and safety signage for you to print

After the recent global outbreak of CoVid-19, the latest governmental provisions and emergency laws require that continuation of any sort of work or production activity can only be authorized when adequate safety conditions have been deployed and adopted in order to ensure adequate levels of protection for workers.

This article proposes a series of very useful emergency plans adopted by general contractors, agencies, office headquarters and construction sites throughout Italy to protect workers from the CoVid-19 pandemic and relating contamination risks.

These plans are already translated into various languages. Infact, you’ll be able to download a complete safety protocol in english with the relating signage ready for you to print.

Employers, technicians, safety managers (and anyone else) can download these models for free in zipped .DOC format files and then customize them as required.

The proposed models follow the indications of the “Shared protocol for regulating measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace”, signed on Saturday 14th March by trade unions and trade associations, at the invitation of the Prime Minister and the Labor, Economic Development and Health Ministers.

COVID-19 anti-contagion protocol | Companies / workplaces

COVID-19 represents a generic biological risk, for which equal measures must be taken for the whole population.

The proposed protocol contains the main provisions that must be adopted in the company to contain the spread of the new virus.

In the second part of the document, a series of infographics and signs to print out and arrange within the company premises.

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COVID-19 anti-contagion protocol | Construction sites

The second plan contains similar but more specific indications for workers and companies operating on construction companies also providing are a series of infographics and safety signs to be printed and arranged around the construction site.

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