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Creating a render perspective_view

Creating a render: creating and editing a perspective view

Creating a render: How can we get different perspective views to create a photorealistic rendering of a 3D model with a BIM software

One of the most common requirements for those that use BIM software for architectural design is to produce a set of photorealistic renders from a single project, each with different perspective views.
This obviously visually enhances the way a project is presented adding photo-realistic images and details to the constructions documents.
These technical solutions are certainly highly appreciated among customers and highlight aspects and design solutions that can't be correctly evaluated or taken into account with simple drawings.
Today we'll take a look at how to set up the prospect views and how to produce a render with Edificius, the architectural BIM software by ACCA software.

Creating a perspective view with a BIM software

In photography, whenever we want to capture any kind of subject, the first thing to do is determine the point of view from where we want to look at the scene. Let's see how to proceed in this case with the BIM software for architecture Edificius.
From the local menu available in the 3D VIEWS node, the Add Perspective view (Play Structure), opens an editor where you can easily navigate to the desired position to set up the point of view and manage the scene with specific tools.

Inserting and setting up a background

To create a render as close to reality as possible, we have to take care of blending everything into an appropriate "surrounding".
For this purpose the program's editor allows us to customize the view by adding clouds or hide the terrain layout using appropriate commands.
Further features allow us to choose from various 360° panoramic scenarios or even load our own panorama backgrounds. Having done this, we can now position the background in relation to the BIM model and rotate it according to our needs, or change the viewing mode switching to Walkthrough view.

We can launch an automatic animation with the "spin around" option, exclude certain objects from the view or activate a shadow simulation according to the building's geographical location, date and time of day.
By launching a rendering process we can now re-create most appealing scenes or even set up an animated path useful for producing a video.

Editing the perspective views

Now let's see how we can view the model with different perspective views.
From the editor's Perspective section, let's activate the Spin around all feature so as to lock the model at the center of our scene.

Viewing the model at the center

Let's now modify the perspective view using the following commands: with the left mouse button pressed and moving forwards, we'll notice that we can gradually move towards the model and by slowly moving backwards, we can move further away. We can also rapidly re-position our model in a different position by orbiting around with the right mouse button pressed.
To lock the model and simply move it to a different position, simply keep the mouse's scroll wheel button pressed while moving around.

Walkthrough view

Let's deactivate the Spin around all option to switch to a direct observer's point of view mode. Using the mouse's scroll wheel, now move the point of view in relation to the model. Keeping the right mouse button pressed while moving backwards and forwards, raises or lowers the observers point of view and moving from left to right, makes the observer's view look left or right.

Click here to download Edificius, the architectural design software