How to design a single-family residence with a BIM Edificius

How to design a single-family residence with a BIM software: the LPZ House

Let's find out how to design a single-family residence with BIM authoring software. We reproduce the LPZ House project with plants floor plans and renderings

In this article we describe the LPZ House project, built in Mexico City.

Architectural concept of the LPZ House project

The LPZ House single-family home, completed in 2015, was designed by ARQMOV-Architettura in Movimento. The design studio shows particular attention to the needs related to architecture, not only to create aesthetic and functional "products", but to obtain a better quality from the use of the environments.

The project of the Mexican residence was commissioned by an elderly couple, the Barcena family, with two main requests:

  1. that there wouldn't be any visual contact with the surrounding houses;
  2. that everyday life would develop on one level to guarantee easy access to all environments.

The creative and original result of the designers was to propose a simple module with double height interior spaces, a design with clear lines and clean geometries.

Architectural description of the project

The construction fits between two newly built houses and above the main road. It is surrounded by perimeter walls high enough to guarantee the privacy required by the couple.

The whole house is developed on the ground floor, where the common areas are organized around the back garden of the house representing the core of the house where all the rooms overlook.

From the outside the house seems to be a two-story structure, but it is only an optical effect due to the height of the ceilings being higher than normal.
Each room is oriented to the south to get the most of the sunlight during the day. The upper floor has a gym and a guest room.


Ground floor LPZ house

Ground floor

Second floor LPZ House

Second floor

Although the house uses materials, construction methods and colors taken from the surrounding buildings, it is not a traditional construction. Materials and colors have been applied in order to enhance the architectural ideas of the designers with particular attention to the geometries.

The facade is covered in opaque travertine, with large windows that offer a particular view from all corners of the house. All the materials used for this particular project are locally sourced: granite, wood, tempered glass, walnut wood beams, travertine marble and volcanic stone.

Designing the LPZ House single-family residence with an architectural BIM software

In order to reproduce the design ofLPZ House with the architectural BIM software Edificius, we import the project plans, in dwg or dxf format, to define the building envelope.
After completing the insertion of all the architectural elements such as pillars, slabs, etc., we proceed with the insertion of the windows, to be customized with the appropriate editor.


Let's use a roof editor even to model the particular pitched roof: thanks to the "Add slabs" function it is easy to define the roof according to the geometry of the dwelling.


We then use the railing function to give a modern shape in line with the geometric style of LPZ House.


Once the modelling stage is completed, we can apply the HD materials that are present in the Edificius  BIM Object Library to make even more realistic renderings.


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