Designing and arranging the lighting points BIM software Edificius

Designing and arranging the lighting points in a residence

How to design and arrange the lighting points in an environment? How can the lighting technology system be checked? Let's find out how with the use of an architectural design BIM software

When designing an environment, part of the design is to be dedicated to the lighting aspect.
The lighting system and the extension of the lighting points are essential for an environment so to become functional from an architectural point of view.

For this reason it is good to know the project and the space that we will have to illuminate in order to define the design of the lighting points: based on the information we can obtain, even from the client, we will be able to adequately illuminate all the rooms.

Interiors lighting design_Edificius BIM software

Interiors lighting design

Let's find out how to light up the different spaces in different ways according to the light location destination.

The lighting points according to the environment

Defining the design of lighting points according to the environment is a fundamental stage of the design process. The intended use of each room confers a meaning in terms of needs for the environments, corresponding to a different type of lighting choice.

For instance, it is essential to have a diffused central light point type of illumination in a space where you work or study and a direct light solely lighting up the working drawing.

On the other side, a space dedicated to relax, such as the living area, requires more diffused and attenuated lighting: wall mounted lamps pointing the light upwards and gradually spreading it on the ceiling will be perfect.

In the kitchen, however, it is good to have a light covering the entire kitchen top and a central light for the ambient lighting.

Moreover, during the planning phase it may be useful to ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • How much light will I want to have in different environments: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, closet, corridor, study and reading areas?
  • Are there windows illuminating the whole room during the day or are there dark corners in the hours of natural light?
  •  Do we have sufficient lighting points if we change the arrangement of the furnishings?

It is advisable to properly plan the disposition of the lights during the installation stage.

Interiors lighting points arrangement_Edificius BIM software

Interiors lighting points arrangement


Thanks to the architectural BIM design it is possible to integrate various lighting points into the project, being able to evaluate the possible furniture arrangement combinations and then validate the choices made in real time, together with the client.

Inserting the lighting points into a BIM architectural project

The architectural BIM software design Edificius allows to position and direct all the lighting points in various environments according to your needs.

Each solution can be validated in real time thanks to the Real Time Rendering allowing you to experiment with various types of furniture and availing of a rich catalogue of BIM objects. In addition, you can set the orientation and time frame to assess the brightness level for each room at a specific time.
Now let's see how to insert a lighting point in a BIM architectural project.



From the Edificius architectural menu you can select the lighting point object both for the floor plan or 3D design and choose the typology.

You can start by setting the lighting point to the mouse cursor and using the magnets to fix it.

We can then address the lighting point to  any direction.

The object properties allows you to define the light colour shade and decide whether to switch it on or off and make the proper arrangement.

Enabling the realistic view we can then apply special effects in relation to lights and materials and see the results even when setting up a night time.

We can turn the lights on and off and launch the lights rendering so to better evaluate the choices made.

Design and easily check the environment lighting points with the architectural design BIM software Edificius