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Disegnare una facciata con un BIM software Daegu Gosan Public Library

Designing and modelling facade elements with a BIM software

Designing and modelling facade elements with a BIM software? Here's a video showing how the Daegu Gosan Public Library was modelled with Edificius

This video explanation of the Daegu Gosan Public Library, designed by MARTIN FENLON ARCHITECTURE firm, shows how its designers addressed certain architectural choices and what sort of solutions they came up with.

In the below detail videos, we'll take a look at how to insert curtain walls into context adapting them to the structure's layout. We'll also focus on the modeling of metallic elements that serve as a mounting structure for the external sunshades.

Defining and positioning the columns for the Daegu Gosan Public Library facade

Min 00:00 – Use of the "Parallel Guideline" tool to determine a precise grid for positioning the columns.

Min 00:55 – Here we can see how to place the 250x250mm steel columns at the intersection nodes previously defined by the guidelines.
In 3D view, we can set their correct height using the object grip to adapt it to a reference object such as the floor intrados.

Inserting the curtain wall objects

Min 00:00 – At this stage we can see how to define the metallic supporting structure for the curtain Wall by using the "EXTRUSION (solid)" object. From the properties toolbox, under the Profile section in Characteristics, we'll choose a 250x50 mm rectangular profile.

Min 00:55 – here we'll follow through with modelling the curtain wall in the User BIM Objects Library under the windows category. A right mouse button click to add a new item by choosing the rectangular option. Let's now proceed with curtain wall customization . In particular, we'll give it its dimensions, define the frame and relating materials.

Min 02:20 – Once finished with the Editor, we'll insert the created fixture element in 3D view and between one column and the other. Where the staicase is located, we have to model the curtain wall contour using the "Add upper/bottom profile" option.

Inserting the sunshades

00:00 min - Now we can move on to building up the magnetic grids to generate specific snap nodes for inserting the sunshade elements.

Min 01:48 – We'll now select the "EXTRUSION (solid)" object and from the toolbox and under "Profile" we'll now choose a rectangular 300x30mm profile. We'll thus proceed with tracing by using the snap node drawing aids supplied by the magnetic grids and by appropriately setting the alignment axis from the property toolbox.


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