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Designing interiors easily with the BIM Object Library

Designing interiors easily with the BIM Object Library

The BIM object and 3D block libraries have reformed the way of designing especially when it comes to interior design. Let's find out how an online object library works and how to upload objects in the catalogue

BIM objects technical information regarding composition and performance, together with the related product certifications, allow the object traceability when applied to the entire building life cycle. Thus granting an effective characteristics monitoring and maintenance management of the real object.

BIM Object: more than a simple file

BIM objects contain all the information that builders and designers need:

  • encoded 3D models, functional and performing technical data, materials.
  • 4D data (temporal).
  • 5D (accounting).
  • 6D (sustainability).
  • 7D (maintenance and dismissal plans).

Everything is enclosed within a model ready to be inserted and implemented into a project.

A BIM project is based on a set of different intelligent objects.

Considering a building structure as the set of assembled and related elements, the creation of BIM libraries is essential for the virtualization of the construction work. With this in mind, manufacturers are required to digitize their products from a BIM perspective.

For example, a digitized product (window, insulating panel, heating system) included in a project, besides providing grapghicaal information regarding the different levels of detail, it will contain identity product data (environmental and mechanical performance, maintenance, supplier data, etc.), thus favoring the component use.

In this context, the designer will be facilitated during the design activities.

The BIM Object Library can easily be accessed online by all construction professionals. Here they can find the items needed and upload the ones they have modelled.

How to publish a 3d object on the online catalogue


From the Architectural side menu on the Catalogue level we can access the project or user catalogue and select the 3D object (3d Block) that we want to publish in the BIM Object Library.

Once we have selected the object we can chose the option to publish on the online catalogue located in the project catalogue toolbar. The panel to access the online BIM Object Library, which we can access using our credentials, will then open up.

Next, we can insert all the object definitions and characteristics in order to categorize such object in the best and most precise way and allow other users to search for it.

We therefore associate the object to the most relevant category. If the categories are not sufficient for the object, you can select the generic category "Other".

Finally you can add the required additional information, such as title, description and tag and share the object in the catalogue.