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DIGITAL&BIM Italia ACCA software

DIGITAL&BIM Italia, ACCA software will be there! interview with Antonio Cianciulli

The DIGITAL&BIM Italia event on innovation and digital building transformation will take place this year for the first time in Italy. Here’s the interview with ACCA Software’s Marketing Manager Antonio Cianciulli.

Contracting, Planning, Production, Building and Construction management 4.0. These are the main topics of the international event DIGITAL&BIM Italia that will be held on 19th-20th October 2017 in Bologna.

DIGITAL&BIM Italia is considered to be the first event regarding the digitalization of BIM in the building industry in Italy, now gathering more than 3000 selected professionals in Bologna for a two-days convention and business fair.

The event will be proposing and demonstrating methods and solutions that are becoming popular in the construction and infrustructure sectors in Italy.
The core elements of the exhibition will be the aspects concerning BIM in terms of real estate development, planning and implementation projects, property management and mostly BIM as a tool and methodology of public procurement.

ACCA software at the DIGITAL&BIM Italia

ACCA software, the Italian leader for the architecture, engineering and construction industry softwares will be present at the DIGITL&BIM Italia.

A great opportunity for the company, which is the founder and leader of software solutions in the digitalisation of building and construction processes, to show the new methodologies in connection to the implementation of Building Information Modeling technology, having become in recent years the main reference in the research and development of this revolutionary system.

The opportunity presented is very important to ACCA software as the company Marketing manager Mr. Antonio Cianciulli informs us in this interview.

“When I was asked if ACCA would take part to the new DIGITAL&BIM Italia event I immediately said that ACCA would be participating. Why?

Because of the opportunity of an event in connection with BIM on a national and international level being essential in the panorama of the Italian construction sector.
It is vital that all of the construction sector stakeholders in Italy (Universities, research centers, professionals, companies, software producers etc.) would align together in order to provide a common Italian strategy to the development of a common BIM technology platform.

The lack of a common strategic vision would weaken the building and constructions fields for our country and make it less competitive.

Offering and adopting software solutions which are planned to solve issues not connected with our national requirements would expose our country to some sort of cultural and economical colonization. This doesn’t reflect a closing resolution but, on the contrary, an idea of generality and openess that modern tools do not provide.

Our experience achieved with our building records, planning and building systems, our raw materials and through our competencies needs to be safeguarded. This represents what Italy should be offering on an international level.
Welcome to DIGITAL&BIM, a much awaited event that will present the first Italian platform launching a revolutionary design and building process in the construction industry.”

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