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automatic cost estimate from CAD projects

How to draft an automatic cost estimate from a CAD project

Is it possible to generate an automatic cost estimate from a CAD architectural project in 2D? Let’s find out how with a few clicks

Architectural design and drafting of a cost estimate are two essential phases of a work project.

A software tool that allows to design and plan in a CAD system and at the same time to get an automatic cost estimation is certainly useful for designers. That would allow to obtain an always precise cost estimate and to avoid possible mismatches between the drawing and the estimate.

Some softwares allow in a very easy and intuitive way to associate to each graphic entity (lines, polylines etc.) all the useful properties, like manufacturing, materials, prices etc, so to draft the estimate.

The connection between the estimate properties and the graphics entities creates a link which can be defined “dynamic”.

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Generating an automatic cost estimate from a CAD generated drawing

Takeoff Software allows to obtain a cost estimate in 2 ways:

  • representing a project in CAD and associating the calculation properties to the graphics entities (using PriMus TO for both the operations)
  • importing a drawing in DWG or DXF (realized with any CAD design project) within PriMus TO and associating graphic entities with the properties necessary to generate the estimate.

In both cases the projects can easily be readapted and modified in PriMus TO according to needs.

As a matter of fact, the program is a 2D CAD design software with commands and an interface similar to the most common CAD softwares, allowing to both modify and draw from scratch.

CAD interface_house rooms cost and measures_PriMus-TO

CAD interface in Primus TO

In PriMus TO it is always possible to add further information to the drawing plan by associating works, materials, prices and formulas to the graphic entities.

Once created the correspondence between the estimate and the graphic project, all the quantities can dynamically be updated when the drawing changes (the calculation updates itself in real time while you are drawing).

Room cost estimate_PriMus-TO

dynamic relation between estimate and drawing

The estimate generation process  can be speeded up thanks to specific functions within the program, like the opportunity to extract with a simple drag and drop the processing from the related price list, and to associate the functions to the drawing entities.

Price Book_Primus-TO

Price Book

Furthermore, it is possible to quickly visualize the estimation of the single-selected entity with a simple click and consequently relieving the entities to be calculated.

The video tutorial below will show all the steps to put the procedure into practice.

Access the support section (Forum/VideoTutorial/FAQ) for further explanations to the software usage or contact ACCA software directly.

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