Digital twin

Earth 2.0: A futuristic concept for a second Earth

Earth 2: The virtual real estate strategy game for claiming ownership of virtual cities to create digital twins of existing or completely new buildings.

In one of our previous articles, “Minecraft as an education platform to train the next generation of BIM managers” we talked about the possibilities that architects have learning from video games and how game applications for creating virtual worlds can also represent a real-time collaboration tool. Following the success of  Second life, which saw many construction professionals getting enthusiastic about 3D online virtual worlds where avatars can provide construction services and do the kind of stuff real people do, or even see well-known firms creating digital versions of their offices, we thought we’d dig in deeper and investigate more about this game enabling users to digitally represent the planet Earth.

This brings us to one of the trendiest topics of construction sector for past few years: digital twins. “Digital twins” offer a crucial, analytic approach to BIM processes and building replication. Digital twins can in fact simulate any aspect of a physical object or process and today companies are using digital twins’ in a variety of ways.

Imagine that you had a perfect digital copy of the physical earth. A digital twin of the entire planet! Well, that’s what’s happening with Earth 2.
To put it briefly, Earth 2 is a futuristic concept for a second earth and a fictional universe portrayed between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geo-locations on a sectioned map correspond to user-generated digitally modelled environments. These environments can be owned, bought, sold, and in the near future highly-customized.

Investors are spending real money to buy land in a new city that only exists in virtual reality. Moreover, buyers can build whatever they want on their plots and hope to make a profit by trading goods and services. This aspect seems to be very lucrative as we are witnessing speculation of incredible entities: just few days ago, digital tiles of the Colosseum were sold for €2500 (per tile!), a single person has actually spent €50.000 worth of tiles around the world, while others have even started to open their own digital-real estate firms.

Edificius -ACCA software - Earth 2.0 Digital Twins and Virtual real Estate simulation

What’s all the fuss about with Earth 2?

Other than the speculation over the real-estate markets and whether it will follow the success of “Second life”, this platform will continue to attract people and we can be sure we can also expect the opening of new digital construction companies and architecture firms that can get a reasonable income from “digitally-fun” projects. Offering virtual showrooms for real estate agencies will allow us to reach completely new levels of interaction and realism with the latest game engine and viewing technology. This means you can present information and documentation in a much more engaging manner compared to typical renderings, spreadsheets and boring PowerPoints.

Moreover, consider another possible scenario: in time we could have a useful globally available test bench for our projects from which we can predict some difficult context-related-parameters like marketability and public appeal of a certain asset.
After all, BIM is mostly about creating digital twins and generating augmented information of a building that can be enriched with tons of useful data. It goes without saying that this type of BIM can also be fun!

Don’t get left behind, download a construction software like Edificius and start modelling your Earth 2 building models that will soon populate our second planet Earth.