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Editing a project in order to get a dynamic update on all model views Software BIM Edificius

Editing a project and getting a dynamic update on all relating drawing models

How to edit a project and automatically update the various views of the model in a dynamic way. Here is an example inspired by the Cuboid House project and reproduced with a BIM software

The time factor is a fundamental variable in the architectural design that every designer must take into account for a proper work performance.

Less the time employed to implement a project, greater will be the benefit for the technical expert and the customer.

During the design stage, the designer is frequently forced to make numerous changes to the project and, therefore, to modify all the drawing models and the working drawings to be presented, thus greatly affecting the times of delivery.

Having tools and technologies to speed up and automate these procedures, on the contrary, would help to guarantee a considerable time saving for the designer.

“Are there valid solutions that allow these results to be achieved?”

The use of BIM oriented tools represents a valid answer.

As a matter of fact, the most advanced BIM software create a  dynamic link between the model views  (3D view, drawing models and working drawings ' views). Each variation made to the project automatically corresponds to a modification to all the model views. A function of this kind allows the designer not to make mistakes (such as forgetting to update some project work) and to obtain significant advantages in terms of time and costs.

We can take inspiration from the Cuboid House project, a residence built by architect Amit Khanna in 2012, and clearly understand how a BIM software can do all that. Using Edificius, the architectural BIM design software, we'll see how easy it is to make changes to the design and how to automatically find them reproduced on all the model views.

Cuboid House: a practical example

Let's therefore take the Cuboid House as a project example and create a railing with Edificus.

  1. We can import the project in a drawing model
  2. proceed to replace the railing object
  3. so to demonstrate how, thanks to a BIM software, the modification automatically takes place on all the model views (3d view, drawing model, working drawing).

Dynamic connection between all model views: a practical example



We can insert the Railing object on the facade. From the architectural menu and the property toolbox we can select the relevant model whithin the BIM Object Library. Once the railing has been inserted, we proceed to the drawing model "View" and upload the 2D drawing into the working drawing.

We then modify the railing by selecting an additional one from the toolbox in the BIM Object Library. We can choose the railing model and insert it in the project and verify that the modification is applied within the 3D view as well.

Let's finally move into the working drawing view and procced inserting the prospect. We can also insert the other graphic drawings automatically obtained with Edificius, such as floor plan, render and sections.



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