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Hello world! Hello BibLus!

BibLus, the international know-how & software blog regarding the architecture, engineering and construction industry software, is born.

BibLus descends from BibLus-net, the technical information service developed by ACCA software way back in March 2003.
Born as an in-depth tool for both technical aspects regarding the use of our software solutions and the regulatory aspects relating to architecture, engineering and the construction industry in general.
BibLus-net has, in fact, rapidly become one of the most authoritative references for Italian technicians.
From this fantastic and continuously evolving experience, BibLus now wants to take its place as a useful information service for those professionals working in the construction industry around the world that use technical software as their main working tools.

BibLus is a multilingual blog available in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese, for now…

BibLus constitutes an incredible support to access information and insights, but also a channel to grow and develop constantly: all this thanks to meetings and debates with and between technicians from around the world!

Think global, act local!

This is what we would like the approach for whoever works in the construction industry to become and this is reason why we wanted and strongly believe in this project.

Information, insights and publications are the result of intense daily work including study, analysis and research carried out over the years by ACCA experts.

The blog articles are prepared with great care and detail; not the type of content that you’d more likely “throw away”. News that you’ll find to be useful, close and responsive to your needs and your everyday professional activities.

A newsletter will be sent to our service subscribers via email and through our social network channels and the technical support section in the www.accasoftware.com website.

Be Smart, BibLus! 

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