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The HG House project produced with Edificius BIM

Here’s a new project, inspired by the HG House project, completely remodelled using Edificius BIM to produce highly realistic images and real-time rendering video

HG house is a modern style residence built in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Designed according to the needs of a family of 2 parents and 4 children, the building rises over 2 floors above ground level and perfectly meets the family’s demand for living, relaxing and entertaining. Great attention to the commodities of the sleeping areas with dressing rooms merged with the bedrooms. The garage is at basement level and internally connected to ground floor.


house project – ground floor

Pianta Casa HG primo piano

HG House – First floor plan


Among the most special architectural elements, the dining room surely stands out. An open space that also incorporates a studio for the boys, the adjoining terrace with the open space where you can dine outdoors, the kitchen, adjacent to the front room characterized by a modern island area.

A single ramp staircase leads to the first floor accommodating the bedrooms.

The “family room” is located at the centre of this intriguing residence where a large relaxation area, a comfortable sofa and a large TV screen are located around which the bedrooms are placed.
The video below, made entirely with Edificius, shows all the details of HG House thanks to the extraordinary realistic effects provided by Edificius RTBIM and its real-time rendering features.


Edificius RTBIM is the first BIM software to integrate real-time rendering with architectural design, allowing you to achieve fantastic photorealistic renderings and videos of the scene in real time, while continuing to work in the design process.

Below you can see a series of photo realistic renderings of the building’s interior environments created with Edificius.

1Interni Casa HG - soggiorno

Inside HG House – living room

2Interni Casa HG - disimpegno

Inside HG House – the Hallway

3Interni Casa HG - family room

Inside HG House – family room


ACCA software would like to thank the architects Ricardo Agraz and the collaborating team Brenda Barrón, Juan Antonio Jaime, Javier Aguirre, Gaby Villarreal, Miguel Sánchez, Ian Beckman, Alejandro Saldana, Sara Tamez.

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