Hi-tech felt, an insulating material with special properties

Hi-tech felt, an insulating material with special properties

New hi-tech felt fabric can now be used to improve house energy efficiency or to face extreme weather conditions. The patent was obtained by research team at the University of Trento

The engineering world is continuously making progress when it comes to home safety in relation to climate change.  The latest innovative idea in terms of home protection from cold weather originates in Trento (Italy).

The research team of the Glass and Ceramics Laboratory of the Industrial engineering Department of the University of Trento has recently patented a material capable of guaranteeing this kind of protection. As a matter of fact, the hi-tech felt,  being a fabric as hard as ceramic but as soft as wool, has one of the highest ever measured thermal insulating power.

Felt typically consists of silicon nitride nanofibers, a ceramic material already used in many areas for its hardness and its mechanical resistance.

Hi-tech felt

Hi-tech felt

Hi-tech felt comes in the form of a flexible and foldable fabric and can be used both in the construction and in the clothing sectors, in case of very low temperatures.

It is obtained from a silicone resin through a high temperature treatment and its thermal conductivity equals to 19 mW / m-K.

Consequently, it can be contemplated as an excellent thermal insulating material. The lower the thermal conductivity value is, the more a material can be considered a good insulator and a barrier to the heat flow.

In addition, it is fireproof and resistant to even very high temperatures, if compared to the polymeric insulators currently on the market. For this reason, it can also be used in different areas such as high temperature thermal insulation, filtration of liquids and hot gases and absorption of electromagnetic waves.

This new nanomaterial is expected to be shortly developed and produced at industrial levels. At the same time,  thanks to the insulating felt unique characteristics, this material results very competitive in terms of material application, performance and costs. All ideal conditions for building a start-up.

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