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How to certify files using usBIM.blockchain

usBIM.blockchain: the usBIM integrated system’s application that allows you to register any type of file on the Blockchain

Blockchain is acknowledged as one of the most significant technical innovations in the digitalization of asset ownership in this century and is attracting attention across industries for its many possible uses. In fact it has huge potential from which even the construction sector could greatly benefit.

In this blog post I’ll show you how to use usBIM.blockchain, the operational tool that enables you to guarantee document authenticity and immutability over time of any file stored on the usBIM integrated system with registration on blockchain.

What is Blockchain Technology

usBIM.blockchain | Certification issued by Bitcoin Blockchain

What is Blockchain Technology: an overview

The blockchain is defined as an open ledger that contains information shared openly with all users who are part of a given network.

Information is collected, shared, and validated through interconnected “blocks” (hence the reason for the term Blockchain), so that the entire system is more secure.

The Blockchain has been designed so that transactions control and validation are not centralized. A decentralized consensus procedure is enforced by the network, which controls the admission of new blocks into the block chain and ensures content security and validation.

This innovative technology aims at creating a system that would offer a robust self-regulating, self-monitoring, and cyber-resilient data transaction operation, assuring the facilitation and protection of a truly efficient data exchange system without the requirement of an intermediary.

For more info on this topic we suggest you to have a look at the article “The potential benefits of Blockchain and BIM“.

usBIM.blockchain: how to use the application integrated in usBIM

usBIM.blockchain is the application that allows you to register on the Bitcoin Blockchain any file in any format that you have uploaded to usBIM, such as:

  • IFC models,
  • models in proprietary format,
  • pdf files,
  • images,
  • etc.

In this way, you’ll be able to authenticate a given content with the guarantee of a certain date and its immutability over time.

usBIM.blockchain greatly increases the benefits of the integrated system of usBIM by ensuring transparency, verifiability, effectiveness and security of all information exchanges between the various parties involved.

How to certify files using usBIM.blockchain

usBIM.blockchain | Certification information

Let’s now have a look at how easy-to-use is usBIM.blockchain. Below is a practical example with the steps to follow to record your files on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Here is how to proceed:

  • choose a file uploaded to usBIM and from the menu “other actions” select Blockchain
  • immediately view the summary data that will be recorded on the blockchain (e.g. the file hash)
  • select “record file” to start the recording activity.

When you have finished recording the file on the Bitcoin Blockchain, you have the option to view all the recorded information, such as:

  • the type of Blockchain
  • the hash number (the fingerprint of the block)
  • the number of the block in which the information is contained
  • the date and time when the recording took place.

With the file registration you basically certify the date and the content of the file in a certain and immutable way for its future use.

At the end of the registration process you will obtain:

  • a pdf certificate with the registration information
  • a receipt on file that allows you to verify the certificate with third party tools (the transparency guarantee given by the bitcoin blockchain).