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How to convert a DWG file to IFC with usBIM.viewer +

How to convert a DWG into an IFC file

Here’s how to convert a DWG file to IFC with a free tool and in just 4 steps

Do you have a project or a 3D block in DWG format? Do you need to convert it to IFC and are you looking for a tool that allows you to do it simply and reliably?
To convert a file from one format to another, it is always necessary to use software. Today it is an increasingly frequent need to convert files from DWG, SKP, OBJ, 3DS format into IFC format.
In this article, I’ll explain all the steps to follow to convert a DWG file to IFC using a free IFC viewer.

How to convert a DWG file to IFC with usBIM.viewer+

To convert a DWG into an IFC file, follow this procedure:

  1. Download for free and install now usBIM.viewer+
  2. Select the Create document from 3D file option
  3. Select the 3D model to convert
  4. From the toolbar, click Export IFC file.

In this way we have converted the DWG block into a geometric element (ifc proxy element).

Video: How to convert a DWG file to IFC

In this video I show you how to get your IFC file in a very simple way.

With usBIM.viewer+ you also have many other functions, such as:

  • export IFC files of models created with BIM authoring such as Revit® or 3D software such as SketchUp®;
  • open, view and federate multiple IFC files simultaneously;
  • edit IFC model properties;
  • convert 3D models to IFC format;
  • collaborate in the BIM process with the cloud.
Convert DWG to IFC

IFC import / export process with usBIM.platform +

How to convert a 2D DWG into a 3D model in IFC format?

Now I’ll also show you another way to respond to a need that is becoming more and more frequent. If you have a 2D plan in DWG format, you can take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically transform it into a 3D model in IFC format. First, with your CAD software, export the DWG plan in PDF, PNG or JPG and then follow the steps that I indicate in detail in the article “How to create a 3D model from a scanned 2D plan“. You don’t have to install any application because the tool I’m telling you about is completely online!

What is the IFC format for?

The IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an open data format created to facilitate interoperability between the various actors involved in a process. The main purpose of the IFC format is to allow the interchange of an information model without loss or distortion of data or information.

The IFC has been designed to preserve the information of a building in all its life cycle phases: from the feasibility analysis to its construction and maintenance, as well as in all the design and planning steps.

The advantages of the open format

The main advantage offered by the IFC format is the possibility of facilitating collaboration between the various stakeholders involved in the construction process, allowing them to exchange information through a standard format.

This leads to higher quality, reduction of errors, reduction of costs and time savings.

As a matter of facts, IFC models contain the building geometry and the data associated with its elements. They may include all or only part of the information contained in the original BIM files.

Exporting project data that has been created using BIM practices to an IFC file is the best way to transfer data from one application to another.

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