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How to design a courtyard and manage the stratigraphy modelling

How to design a courtyard and manage the stratigraphy modelling

How to dynamically design and integrate a stratigraphy modelling to a courtyard with an architectural design BIM software. Here is the step by step procedure

When designing an exteriors paving for a garden or a yard, for example, we can choose among many different materials - stone, gravel, concrete, timber ... just to list a few - and between various material combinations.

Arranging outdoors spaces thus becomes an integrational operation to a buildig functional areas design.

A software for the architectural design allows to adopt and verify immediate and easy solutions. Let's see how using Edificius, the architectural design BIM software.

How to design an external courtyard

In Edificius, directly from the project level, we can design the courtyard with a mouse click and fix the perimeter points using the intersections with the other objects.

We can directly digit the segment measure using the "A" key in order to set the points distance. Once the perimeter is defined, we complete inserting the courtyard.

How to edit an external courtyard perimeter

Next, we can modify the courtyard perimeter using the magnetic grips, we can insert/remove nodes or even change a segment to arc. In addition, we can define the profile height by assigning the relating elevation to each point. Finally, where necessary, we can add an escarpment with a few simple steps.

How to apply a stratigraphy and materials to the courtyard

From the property toolbox we can select a stratigraphy or add a thickness. We can view the elevations, change the perimeter geometry, indicate the slope, display volumes and surfaces, and with a few simple steps assign the materials (texture).

Thanks to a BIM software we have seen, with a few simple steps, how simple it is to create, draw and edit a courtyard and how to rapidly apply materials.


Click here to download Edificius, the architectural design BIM software