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How to open and view a GeoJSON file

The easiest way to open, view and manage a GeoJSON file online, without any additional software installation, using any device and for free

I bet you once came across a GEOJSON file and didn’t have a clue about how to open it. Here’s a great tool that can help you to do just that and even extract useful info for your BIM design and management Team.

In this article, we’Il be seeing how to open and edit a GeoJSON file online using a GIS cloud service for creating GIS thematic maps associated to BIM models. The online application is completely free. This means that you can open, manage and create GIS maps in GeoJSON format:

  • without having to install any software on your pc;
  • from any device connected to the Internet (smartphone, pc, tablet);
  • anywhere.


How to open and view a GeoJSON file

How to open a GeoJSON file with usBIM.gis

What is a GeoJSON file?

The GEOJSON file is used to store and exchange geospatial data and geographic information between mapping applications and other spatial data programs.

The GeoJSON format supports points, lines, polygons and other similar primitives; used for defining objects such as roads, bodies of water, buildings and other points of interest.

Generally speaking, it is a file format used to create GIS maps, i.e. graphical representations of geographical information that can be used to conduct analysis on an urban and territorial scale.

For example, it is possible to create a map that represents the answer to the question: how many people live near a certain school? This map will be structured with layers, markers, etc. indicating the dwellings located at a certain known distance from the school.

In addition, GIS maps have a topographic base and a set of layers that can include interactive content with information and data useful for the analysis to be carried out.

How to open a GeoJSON file

There are many software solutions available on the market, either free of cost or subscription-based, for opening and viewing GeoJSON files. Most of these solutions, however, require you to install additional software or applications on your computer or device.

If you are wondering about a simpler and quicker way to open a GeoJSON file, possibly without having to install a different software on your pc, you’ll find the answer below.

In fact, thanks to usBIM.gis you have a free and completely online tool to open, view, edit and add information to a GeoJSON file, without having to download any software on your device. All you need to do is to simply access the usBIM page and enter your ACCA account credentials.

GeoJSON Viewer Online Tool

How to access usBIM

If you don’t have an ACCA account yet:

  • go to the MyACCA page
  • register an account inserting your data
  • type in your email and password.

Now you are ready to access usBIM.gis and all the free applications of the integrated usBIM system.

All you have to do now is uploading the GeoJSON file to the usBIM cloud and open it to view or edit it from your PC or smartphone

These are the steps to follow:

  • log in to usBIM
  • create a new folder by clicking on the icon at the bottom right side of the interface
  • upload the GeoJSON file to the folder with a simple drag&drop
  • click on the pc screen icon, in correspondence of the file just uploaded
  • choose the “Open” option.

Main functions in usBIM.gis

In addition to simply importing and viewing GeoJSON files generated by other applications, with usBIM.gis you can also create GIS maps from scratch.

Here is the complete list of the main operations you can perform with usBIM.gis:

  • import maps in .GeoJSON format
  • create maps linked to BIM models from OpenStreetMap™, Esri.WorldImagery™, GMaps-Streets™, GMaps-Satellite™, GMaps-Terrain™
  • insert graphical elements such as lines, rectangles, polygons and markers
  • create one or more custom layers
  • add custom properties to maps
  • connect document links from the cloud platform to create real thematic maps of the BIM model
  • collaborate and work in real time with several people on the same document
  • export documents in GeoJSON format.
How to open and view a GeoJSON file

Viewing and editing GeoJSON files with usBIM

Remember that you can use any device connected to the internet and don’t need to install any additional software!

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