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optimize and customize interior rendering software BIM Edificius

How to optimize and customize interior rendering with a BIM software

How can we optimize and customize interior rendering using a BIM architectural design software? Let’s find out some tricks

In the architectural design field, the use of a BIM software is an advantage for both the designer and the client.

As a result of the use of technologies such as the Real Time Rendering, the designer can verify the validity of the design choices in real time and show the project to the client with a clear view of volumes and spaces. The result is the ability to suggest changes and make the client participate actively in the design process.

The advantages of rendering are numerous:

  • less design choices misunderstanding;
  • time saving;
  • greater sharing of information;
  • a more punctual and coherent control of the project.

In a BIM architecture software, new tools and functions are continuously implemented to improve and speed up the entire design process.

Using a single software, it is now possible to reproduce a BIM architectural design and interior photo rendering with advanced features optimizing images in a few simple steps.

How to achieve customized and quality interior rendering

With Edificius architectural design software , we can benefit from advanced features to optimize and customize interior rendering. Let’s see what you need to do to get these results in a few simple steps.

From the project navigator we can select the Camera object on the top left side menu bar.

Selecting-camera-tool-rendering_software BIM_Edificius

Selecting the camera tool

A first mouse click allows to select the point where we want to position the camera and with a second click we will be able to define the direction of the scene setting (this function quickly allows to set the position and orientation of the scene setting point of view).

Inserting-camera-rendering_software BIM_Edificius

Inserting and positioning the camera tool

From the Camera menu, it is possible to further optimize the scene setting with dedicated functionalities enabling the improvement of the position and direction of the view (such as moving and walking within the scene set up, rotating the scene view, etc).

optimizing-scene-rendering_software BIM_Edificius

render scene set up optimization menu

On the “Light” menu we can change the lighting of the scene set up (diffused light, direct light, camera spot).
In addition, we have the possibility to generate a rendering preview so to quickly detect any imperfections and make further corrections.

Lighting-scene-rendering_software BIM_Edificius

Lighting scene set up and render preview

Once the scene has been set up, it is possible to generate the rendering.

A progress bar will indicate the status of the rendering, which can be interrupted at any time clicking the Finish button.

Generating-render_software BIM_Edificius

Progress bar advancing while generating the render


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