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How to produce a 360° spherical photo with a BIM software

How to produce a 360° spherical photo with a BIM software starting from a developed project?

Using graphic design rendering is undoubtedly an advantage for both the designer and the customer.

Project renderings allow the designer to communicate design ideas more efficiently to the customer by means of realistic three-dimensional images. Such images increase perception and the capacity to undersatand the project reducing the risk of error and misunderstanding.
In some cases, the designer's need may be to show the customer only specific areas of the project where it may be necessary to focus in more detail.

ACCA software's Edificius BIM solution does not offer only tradition renderings. Indeed, it allows to generate 360° spherically mapped pano photos of a given scene and for a specific area or environment.

Generating 360-degree spherical photos from a Real-Time Rendering scene

In Edificius you can create a 360° spherical photo directly from the Real Time Rendering scene.

Let's see how to proceed.

First step is to set up the scene observation point and the surrounding environment.

Once the scene is correctly defined, the 360° pano photo is automatically saved as an image file with a simple click.

You can then specify a filename and a save location during the same session.

Editing and sharing the photo

Thanks to the internal image viewer, further fine tune adjustments can be made such as brightness, gamma, contrast and colour too. An image sharing feature adds a "pano photo" tag to the image file. This way it can be shared on Facebook with full responsive interaction if viewed on a mobile phone.

360° pano image of a scene

There's also another way to produce a 360° pano image of a scene.

Accessing the "Perspective (play structure)" view (under "3D View" in the project navigator), simply set up the observation point as seen before.

At this stage, we'll go to the "rendering settings".

The settings dialogue offers a number of different settings and under "Type", simply select the "Panorama 360" option. Set the image quality and resolution then launch the rendering process.

Once the image is produced, it's now up to the designer to simply save it, share it on social media or use the Edificius internal viewer. You can even transfer the pano image to a mobile device equipped with a VR visor such as, Oculus, Gear, HTC Vibe, etc.

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