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How to build up a construction scheduling PriMus KRONO

How to quickly prepare a construction works schedule with a BIM software

Creating a works schedule involves various resource analysis aspects directly related to a project. Let’s find out how by using a BIM software specifically designed for this purpose

Construction scheduling is of fundamental importance for any construction sector professional, both in the preliminary design stages and in the construction stages. Even the smallest of projects need to have a scheduled plan of works that graphically represent the main aspects of the working sequence, the relating time and costs.

When looking for a software solution to manage works schedules and activities, we can find a wide range of solutions but only a handful can really simplify the task with well organised and efficient data handling, and above all, rapidly and with no added aggravation.

Building up a construction schedule in just a few steps

Let’s start off by preparing a construction schedule from the specific document creation functions available on the program’s Toolbar.

First of all, you’ll need to structure the document in various activity groups according to the various work stages.
We then proceed adding a new activity with details on tariffs, descriptions and total quantities.

We will now be able to graphically work on the PriMus KRONO Gantt chart.

For each activity period that we insert in the work time scheduling layout we define its duration and quantity, to subsequently perform the time scheduling in analytical form as well. Additionally, we can manage a different productivity for the activity periods.

Directly from the construction schedule we can automatically obtain the list of activities.

It is possible to correctly view the schedule resources if the various activities are properly analyzed.
We can also insert variables! For example, we can determine the duration of the activity by specifying the daily availability of each resource.

To get the proper construction schedule structure, let’s organize the various activities.
When linking work activities, we can define the critical paths and get the financial plan during the design phase.
In the same document we can also manage the various activities involved in the construction or execution phase.
Then we’ll specify the amount of performed work by processing the relevant data for each period or for the entire activity.

At this stage we will be able to compare the financial plan in the execution phase with the design phase plan and with the possibility to print the schedule document, in order to obtain the construction schedule together with the execution reports.
PriMus KRONO additionally enables advanced control functions to query the construction schedule document.

How to manage and customize construction schedules

PriMus KRONO allows you to easily manage and customize the various aspects of construction scheduling. For example, by using specific tables, you can determine the climatic conditions.

You can even set up the calendar taking into account holidays and workdays.  Choose the timescale, change the activities start date, periods or the entire planned schedule.

Thanks to the Gantt chart, things get easier and faster to graphically identify suspensions of work or other events.
PriMus KRONO definitely represents a fundamental support for drafting and managing construction schedules in a convenient “Pay As You Go” licensing package