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How to view a Revit file online for free

How to view a Revit file online

How to easily open and view a Revit file directly online, without needing to install any additional software, all for free

You’ve probably stopped to read this article because you still recall some bad experiences opening a Revit file! Quite a common issue when professionals that don’t own a Revit license but need to open and view this kind of architectural file format received from a colleague.

Well, in this article, I’ll show you how to open, view and manage a Revit file using a free rvt file viewer. This tool allows you to view online 3D models generated with any BIM authoring. In addition to that, the great value comes from the fact that you can forget about installing and configuring any software because it’s all completely online and available for any type of device (a PC, tablet, etc.) and without size limits.

Open and view a Revit file

How to open a Revit file online

What is a Revit file

Here’ s a short description of what an .rvt file actually is.

An .rvt file is a BIM architectural design file generated by Autodesk’s Revit software and is widely used by AEC industry professionals because it provides valuable support during the design, management and maintenance of building and infrastructure works.

It contains the project 3D models and all relating technical information (materials, geometry, dimensions, costs, etc.). From the 3D Revit model, it is also possible to generate the entire set of floor plans, elevation views, cross-sections, renderings, etc., which are crucial when preparing construction documents and project presentations.

How to open a Revit file online

There are so many different CAD and BIM software tools available today, either for free or license-based, that allow you to open and view Revit files. The most obvious solution would be to open the file with the software that generated the original file, to put it simple: Revit by Autodesk.

However, what happens if you can’t afford such an expensive software? Well, in that case, the ideal alternative would be to open and view the file without installing any additional software on your PC. Let’s see how using a BIM viewer.

Simply access the usBIM page and login with your ACCA account credentials.

integrated BIM building management system

How to gain access to usBIM

if you don’t have an ACCA account yet:

  • go to the MyACCA page
  • register your account
  • insert your email address and a password.

At this stage, all you have to do is upload your Revit file to usBIM cloud and view it on your PC or smartphone.

Here are all the basic steps to follow:

  • login to usBIM (click here to access usBIM)
  • create a new folder by clicking the icon at the bottom right of the screen
  • upload your Revit file into the folder with a simple drag&drop
  • click on the PC screen icon, next to the file you have just uploaded, and choose the “Open” option.


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All you can do with an online BIM viewer

In addition to opening and viewing Revit files (or files generated with any other BIM authoring tool), with usBIM.browser you can take advantage of many other features that allow you to:

  • view and manage data, documents and BIM models directly online in different formats (IFC viewer, DWG viewer, DXF viewer, etc.)
  • use any device to view 3D models online
  • attach information, graphics, data sheets and other documentation to model objects
  • create sections directly from the 3D model
  • obtain model measurements
  • federate multiple IFC models and other BIM formats into a single BIM model viewer
  • share and collaborate in real time with users connected to the same project
  • use the “Issue” function to collaboratively resolve potential issues within the model
  • describe issues directly on the IFC model
  • detect all the object information in the IFC model by linking or associating additional information with the #TagBIM function
  • obtain immersive 3D views of BIM models
  • and much more.