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How to write and share documents online

How to write and share BIM project documents online with the comfort of a browser, without having to download any additional software

Construction project management typically also involves writing notes, reports and other documents that are indispensable when presenting projects or exchanging information with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Whether your company is fully immersed in cloudbased construction management software or just starting to dip your feet, being able to access documents online, from anywhere and using tablets or smartphones, is crucial to better organize your work activities and to staying ahead in the future of the construction industry.

In this insight we’ll be taking a look at how to write and share documents online using a free tool that will facilitate all your collaborative work activities in the cloud.

How to write and share documents online with usBIM.writer

How to write and share documents online with usBIM.writer

In particular we’ll examine usBIM.writer, the usBIM integrated word processor for preparing and sharing meeting minutes, reports, notes and any other type of BIM project documentation in real-time and in co-working. After creating all project files usBIM allows you to control and manage documentation (BIM document management) in a comprehensive way

The advantage of writing and editing your documents online directly from a platform

Collaborative work tools are indispensable as they facilitate a series of activities such as file exchange, communication between professionals, data storage, verification and validation of project choices, coordination of activities, etc.

usBIM allows you to optimize the entire workflow of activities in the cloud. In fact, one of the functions offered within usBIM is to process, edit and share reports and documents of various kinds using a simple browser and without the need of other software or subscriptions on your device.

The clear advantage is that you no longer need to upload and download documents as you can view and edit them directly online, also avoid duplicating and copying files and taking up space on your device. This obviously implies that you can work on your technical reports from remote if you don’t own any licensed word processing software. Your files will be available from anywhere, with no risk losing them while you can share them with your colleagues directly in the platform, with a simple link on the usBIM chat service.

A practical example of how to write and share documents online with usBIM.writer

Basically, if you want to create from scratch a text document to work on, first create a new folder in usBIM and choose  New document.

Select the type of document you want to create. In this case, choose  TEXT document or an usBIM.writer TEMPLATE.

How to access usBIM.writer to write and share documents in the cloud

How to access usBIM.writer to write and share documents online

At this point you will access the classic interface and commands of a word processing software and even be able to choose font styles and size, insert bulleted lists and symbols, change colors, load images and tables to accompany the text, add variables, etc.

How to write documents with usBIM.writer in the cloud

How to write documents online with usBIM.writer

Finally, you can save the file to the cloud platform and immediately share it with other enabled users, notifying them with a simple message on the usBIM chat. Alternatively, you can also print the file or save it in PDF format.

If you have shared the document with your colleagues, you can work on the same document at the same time and see the changes made by each collaborator in real time. The file you’re working on doesn’t need to be downloaded to your PC as you work on the cloud.

The document is safe on the usBIM cloud, you don’t risk working on an outdated version, you don’t take up space on your device and you can easily work in groups even from remote.

How to use usBIM.writer for free

To start using usBIM.writer and all the other usBIM applications for free simply access the usBIM page and insert your ACCA account credentials.

If you don’t have an ACCA account yet:

At this point, to start off you just need to create a text document or an HTML template in. whtml format directly on usBIM, or upload a file you already have in a folder in the usBIM cloud.