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interior design plans

Interior design plans ready for download

6 interior design plans ready to download and completely free

Are you involved with interior design and looking for extraordinary project ideas and ready-to-use examples? Read on to discover some inspiring projects to present to your clients.

In this focus article we’ll be specifically examining some selected interior design plans produced with Edificius, the architectural and interior design software .

Download the free trial version of Edificius to view the 3D models available below, navigate the project in real time and create immersive experiences for your clients.

Interior design examples ready to use

Interior design is the discipline of enhancing the interior of a building, or shop, gym etc. to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

When it comes to designing an interior space, functional space planning is fundamental. In addition, interior design draws on aspects of environmental psychology, architecture, and product design in addition to traditional decoration.

Let’s have a look at some practical examples.

Single-family detached home

A house space is certainly a key element in interior design. The 3D model below offers some interesting insights involving:

  • a large living area with central fireplace and windows overlooking the garden
  • false ceiling design which emphasises the space perspective views
  • minimalist furnishings
  • kitchen layout with central island
  • materials and colours choice.
interior design plans

Single-family detached home | render produced with Edificius

Click here and immediately download the file to create an interior design project with Edificius.

Open plan kitchen – living area

The open concept of the living areas in modern architecture and design places the modern kitchen into the center of the decor composition.

If you’re looking for an open plan kitchen-living area to design your project, get inspired by some useful ideas featuring elements such as:

  • the arrangement of the wall cupboards which provide large space for storing food, appliances and crockery
  • the cement-effect resin of the fireplace wall
  • the large full-height openings
  • the interplay between the suspended ceiling and backlit surfaces.
interior design plans

Open plan living room | render produced with Edificius

Click here to download the project file of an open plan kitchen-living room for free.


This next example involves the conversion of an industrial building into a dwelling. The result is a highly personalised and innovative space.

The loft project that we’ve designed features:

  • the absence of internal partition walls
  • the inter-floor height typical of early 20th century industrial spaces
  • the systems and structural elements are completely exposed
  • the eclectic and exuberant furnishings
  • the mezzanine with steel structure.
interior design plans

Loft | render produced with Edificius

Click here and download the loft project file.

Clothing store

Next, we thought to review a true narrative path through captivating spaces that fully engage the customer.

The project we have chosen in this case will impress you with:

  • fully exposed technical installations
  • the balance between the contrasting materials of finishes and furnishings
  • the alternation of displays in the large open space
  • the calibrated use of lighting.
interior design plans

Clothing store | render produced with Edificius

Click here to download the model of a clothing store for free.

Dental office

If you are addressing a dental office design, or a medical practice in general, the model below will help you to correctly arrange spaces and gather some notable project ideas.

The project is characterized by:

  • the imposing limestone reception desk
  • the use of LED strips that light up the corridor walls
  • the false ceiling unique design
  • the clear distinction between the spaces accessible to the public and the area for the exclusive use of the dental practice staff.
interior design plans

Dental office | render produced with Edificius

Click here to download a dental office model for free.

Kids bedroom

If you are instead having to deal with the task of arranging a kids bedroom that should meet the needs of an age group between 13 and 18 years old and represent a solution which satisfies young users over time, check the model that we have prepared.

The main interior design characteristics of this example are:

  • the division between the sleeping area and the study space
  • the arrangement of the furniture with offset levels
  • the marked symmetry of the furnishings
  • the colours and materials.
interior design plans

Kids bedroom | render produced with Edificius

Click here to download a kids bedroom model for free.


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