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Maintenance Audit

Maintenance auditing, what is it and why is so important

A maintenance audit is a systematic review of a company’s processes and maintenance procedures. Here you will discover what is it and why it’s so important.

Have you ever wondered how a company can tell if is performing the maintenance processes correctly and if is achieving the objectives and standards requirements?

Have you ever heard of maintenance audit?

In this article we will discover together what they are, why they are important and how easy it is to manage them with a Facility Management software.

What is a Maintenance Audit?

A maintenance audit is a complete control of the maintenance management processes of an organization. The Audit aim to understand if the correct maintenance activities are being carried out, in the right way and at the right time and to evaluate their quality, compliance and effectiveness.

In detail, in an organization, audits allow you to inspect and evaluate:

  • general organisation;
  • health;
  • safety and environment;
  • policies;
  • programming;
  • planning;
  • inventory management;
  • document management;
  • practices management;
  • contract management;
  • personal management;
  • customer management;
  • training;
  • public relations;
  • communication;
  • legal issues;
  • etc.
Check for compliance with the standards of a maintenance audit

Check for compliance with the standards of a maintenance audit

What are the different types of maintenance audit?

There are three different types of maintenance audits:

  1. mandatory, those prescribed by law. They are carried out on structures and resources by government agencies specialized to verify compliance with current legislation;
  2. volunteers, are those implemented by companies to have an extra gear compared to the competition. following this principle organizations complete projects and audits to obtain additional non-mandatory certifications to increase their value;
  3. internal, those developed regularly by the company to ensure the effectiveness of its internal processes in compliance with standards and objectives. The aim is to makes continuous improvements to the organization.
Types of maintenance audits

Types of maintenance audits

Why maintenance audits are so important?

Maintenance audits are important as they offer a clear vision of the company. They allow you to understand if the maintenance systems are effective. From the audit also emerges if work team is applying the maintenance process in the correct way.

The importance is also dictated by the fact that they allow to:

  • identify opportunities to make the best use of company resources;
  • identify ways to improve the overall efficiency of the management system and existing maintenance processes;
  • review active management and maintenance practices and processes.

The Role of a CMMS in a Maintenance Audit

Passing a maintenance audit may seem very complicated and may also take a lot of time for the entire team.

Therefore the use of a Computerized Maintenance Management System makes everything easier. For example CMMS helps you keep track of all the data related to inspections and industrial maintenance activities and you always have them at your fingertips if necessary.

If you are a Facility Management and want to streamline and simplify the audit procedures, you can only rely on a Facility Management software, with which to optimize the flow of control and validation.