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Mastering Measurements from Point Cloud: A Game-Changing Surveying Approach

Mastering Measurements from Point Cloud: A Game-Changing Surveying Approach

Harnessing Point Cloud technology: streamlining surveying times with efficient object measurements.

Performing a site survey with traditional methods (such as using a laser distance measurer) can be time-consuming and will definitely not produce efficient outcomes. We can add other reasons that can further disadvantage traditional surveying methods, such as difficulties in performing surveying operations due to the terrain’s conformation, the building’s position and/or structure, and so on.

That’s why having a point cloud from which to perform all measurements easily and quickly could be the solution: to do this, we can rely on a point cloud viewer, which greatly simplifies the management of all measurement activities.

I recommend continuing to read the article to discover how to use this tool to take measurements directly on the point cloud, using a simple browser and any device.

What is a Point Cloud

A Point Cloud is the result of surveying activities carried out using 3D laser scanners, photogrammetry tools, or other technologies. Specifically, it is a set of points arranged in space that, depending on the number, can represent the surveyed element more or less accurately.
Typically, this grouping of points, in addition to spatial coordinate information, also contains color information about the surfaces. This allows for a much more accurate and realistic representation of the existing environment.

The point cloud can be used for various purposes, such as 3D modeling of existing conditions, measurement of elements, degradation analysis, etc. Let’s see in detail how to leverage a point cloud viewer to obtain measurements of all surveyed elements.

How to obtain measurements from the point cloud

How to obtain measurements from the point cloud

How to Measure Objects from the Point Cloud

One of the main uses of the point cloud is measuring elements, as it allows for easily identifying dimensions, distances, angles, etc., of all the elements. Another reason, not to be underestimated and for which the point cloud is widely used, is safety and convenience in performing surveying operations.
Consider situations where buildings are located in hard-to-reach areas or are in an advanced state of degradation: here, for surveying activities, one must expose themselves to risks to their safety and face inconvenient operations. For these, and other reasons, the use of cutting-edge tools in this sector significantly improves the quality of work.

Now, let me briefly show you how to leverage the potential of a point cloud viewer to get all the measurements you need.


  • Log in to usBIM or create your account by registering on the site accasoftware.com;
  • Open the point cloud file;
  • In the toolbar located at the bottom of the screen, select the Measure command (Measure command symbol). Here you can choose from 4 different functions:
    • Linear measurement – know the length of all identified segments, the details of which are displayed in the “Measurements” window on the right side of the screen (here you can also set the unit of measurement to meters or imperial units);
    • Angle measurement – quickly identify the angle of interest using two segments;
    • Surface measurement – identify the surface on the model and discover its area;
    • Point – add additional points that can serve as reference for your analyses.