Modelling a variable depth pool with a BIM software Edificius

Modelling a variable depth pool with a BIM software

How can we model a variable depth pool with a BIM software? Here is an example inspired by the Casa En Los Cisnes project

Using a BIM software for the architectural design means designing in a simple way with specific tools while facilitating and speeding up the designer's work.

The BIM methodology allows to create architectural elements rapidly and offers a high degree of detail and quality for each represented object.

In order to demonstrate how simple it is to create architectural elements with a BIM software and at the same time to achieve high quality results, we will take the Casa en los Cisnes as a case study: a single-family residence designed by architect Esteban Fallone and located in Club De Campo Abril (Buenos Aires). In particular, we will focus on the outdoor spaces design and we will see how to easily create a variable depth swimming pool.

Casa en Los Cisnes: the project

Casa en Los Cisnes is a 425 m2 single-family house built by architect Esteban Fallone.

It has been built on a triangular lot of about 1333 m2, protected from urban traffic by a  small wood that acts as a  natural frame for the building.


Terrain plan

The box-shaped structure is characterized by the presence of two orthogonal volumes. The first one is anchored to the ground while the second (cantilevered) one is supported by columns.

The first floor of the house is used as a sleeping area.

The living area is located on the ground floor, where strip windows provide a greater amount of natural light to the rooms and a sense of continuity with the open spaces. A wooden platform connects the building with the outdoor spaces: the garden, the swimming pool, the barbecue area and the grove.


Swimming pool

Adjacent to the house there is a swimming pool with an elegant design, rectangular shape and variable slope, made in perfect harmony with the lines of the architectural project.

A perimeter wall with a railing made of metal posts and glass panels has been created to separate the internal garden from the surrounding environment and ensure greater privacy.

Swimming pool Render Casa-en-Los-Cisnes-software BIM Edificius

Swimming pool render

Let's now see how Edificius, the architectural design BIM software, can help us modelling these elements.

Swimming pool modelling

From the Terrain environment of Edificius we place the pool object. This action will involve the automatic and contemporary excavation in the ground.

Through the magnetic snap we assign the right height and depth.

Moving to the architectural environment we can proceed to design the swimming pool depht with variable slope by using the stairs with landing and ramp objects.

Thanks to the magnetic snaps we can assign the correct elevation to the inserted objects.

Inserting materials

Once the modelling operations are over, we assign the right materials to the wooden floor and platform. Thanks to the Enable shadows function we can perceive the effect of the materials and ascertain the real depth of the pool depht.


Designing a perimeter wall

From the Terrain environment instead we use the Wall on terrain object and draw a perimeter wall that separates the internal garden from the surrounding environment.

The pool height and depht can subsequently be edited in the properties toolbox.

In a very simple and rapid way we can insert a solid extrusion (with wall cover function) and the fence railing.

Finally, we can quickly modify the solid profile and the railing model by selecting them from the general catalogue.


Watch below the summary video and the renderings made with Edificius.



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