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Modelling a street with a BIM software Edificius

Modelling roads in a BIM software for urban design

Modelling roads: how to model, modify and assign material layers when using a BIM software for urban design.

The external environment plays an important role in determining the quality and the beauty of a project.

In order to make a BIM project resulting the most realistic possible when presented to the customer, it is necessary that each element and external space (tree, garden, swimming pool, roads, etc.) would be selected and represented with care.

To make eye-catching presentations with great emotional impact, the designer should be able to represent faithfully all the elements representing the external setting of a building.

Let’s see how easy it is with Edificius, the architectural design software, to reproduce, modify and add stratigraphies and materials to a street in very few steps.

Accomplishing a street creation with a BIM software

From a project level we draw the street by setting the several points with a left mouse-click.

We assign the street direction and with teh keyboard we indicate the distance of the route from the starting point.

We complete the insertion with a complete street route.


Modifying the street route with a BIM software

We modify the street route with the mouse operating directly on the grips.

We can change the route curving directly on the right side properties panel.

Let’s model the shape of the road adding or removing the nodes which are positioned along the route.

In Edificius, numerous functions are intuitive and they allow us to change a segment to arc, modifying the width and the length of a street or intervening with few clicks on the route pitch.


Adding stratigraphies and materials to the street with a BIM software

We can define the street properties by assigning the stratigraphy and the materials from the menu on the right side.

We can operate on the route properties defining the width, the slope and the elevation.


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