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Multimedia presentations from IFC files

Unlock the power of IFC files to create compelling project presentations as a crucial aspect for achieving success in your work

Creating multimedia presentations with renders, videos and appealing project content is undoubtedly the best way to communicate design choices to today’s discerning clients and also reduce the communication gap that could lead to serious difficulties during the different phases of the construction process. To create professional presentations, you don’t always need to be an expert or use expensive BIM software!

Just use an advanced IFC editor to generate superb physically precise renders, construction documents and multimedia presentations from the IFC file of a BIM model. Let’s get a closer look at how it’s done!

Features of architectural visualization of an advanced IFC editor

Features of architectural visualization in an advanced IFC editor

How to Create Multimedia Project Presentations with an IFC Editor

Effectively communicating your architectural ideas and solutions with the latest architectural visualization tools is not just a matter of marketing. Having the right tools to “tell” the story of your project’s ideas allows you to avoid misunderstandings with clients and potential disputes during construction. Communication becomes an important ally in establishing the right connection with clients.

There are now many ways to present your project in a surprising and realistic manner (real-time navigation, virtual tours with VR, photorealistic renders, multimedia videos, etc.), and you don’t need expensive BIM software. In fact, if you have the IFC file of your project, all you need is an IFC editor to:

  • create professional photorealistic renders using artificial intelligence (AMD Radeon™ ProRender2 Machine Learning Denoiser);
  • create 3D model photomontages in a real-world context;
  • navigate, edit, and add objects to the IFC model in real-time with real-time rendering and immersive virtual reality (VRi);
  • have integrated post-production features for image editing;
  • generate executive graphic tables with plans, elevations, sections, and renders;
  • create multimedia video presentations.

Let’s focus in particular on creating multimedia presentations of your project.

BIM VIDEO Studio Environment

BIM VIDEO Studio Environment

What Is a Multimedia Project Presentation?

A multimedia presentation is the storytelling of a complex theme by combining simpler content elements such as:

  • text;
  • photos;
  • graphic designs;
  • videos;
  • music;
  • etc.

A well-structured presentation should be organized with the goal in mind, the target audience, and the focus you want to emphasize.

How to Create a Multimedia Presentation with an IFC Editor

To create your multimedia presentation from an IFC format model, you need an advanced IFC editor to fully utilize the potential of IFC.

Here’s how to do it and all the steps you need to follow:

  • Launch usBIM.editor in the desktop version;
  • Open your project model in IFC format;
  • Access the BIM VIDEO studio environment (bottom left);
  • Add the content to include in your presentation to the timeline (all this content can be generated directly with usBIM.editor):
    • text;
    • images (renders, plans, sections, etc.);
    • video clips (real-time rendering videos, etc.);
  • Manage:
    • solar lighting;
    • effects;
    • artificial lights;
    • object visibility;
    • fade-in and fade-out;
    • duration of each clip;
    • etc.
  • Compose your presentation in a customized way.

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The result will be a video that impresses your client and effectively showcases the design choices you want to communicate.

Furthermore, using an IFC editor, you also have the advantage of being able to make real-time changes to the model and have the video presentation automatically updated. Imagine that during the presentation, the client requests changes to the project, such as removing the baseboard at the entrance and adding a wooden skirting. From the BIM Video Studio environment, in the Live Camera view, you can quickly remove the baseboard and add the skirting with the Extrusion (solid) object from the BIM model. In real-time, the model will be updated, and the video presentation will dynamically reflect the changes.

The Benefits of a Multimedia Presentation

In summary, a presentation created with an IFC editor has the advantage of being:

  • interactive, creating certain degrees of interaction with the client;
  • multimedia, including drawings, photos, videos, texts;
  • interdisciplinary, as it can be used for various purposes and audiences (private clients, public administrations, communities, etc.);
  • realistic, allowing clients to experience the project as if it were already completed.