Planning a villa outdoor spaces with a software Edificius

Planning a villa outdoor spaces with a software: Marble & Bamboo

The design of green areas and external spaces of a villa can be quick and easy now using a BIM software. Here is an example inspired by the outdoor spaces of the Marble&Bamboo project

This article presents another aspect of the  Marble&Bamboo project designed by the multidisciplinary  A-cero  studio in Madrid.
The project inspired article will present some Edificius BIM software solutions:

To understand how to better use a BIM software to integrate architecture and outdoor spaces we will design:

  • a driveway with circular slabs connecting the entrance of the house to the outside space
  • a wooden gazebo with rectangular shape alongside the pool here used as a relax area
  • a beam grid structure outlining the part below the balcony of the first floor.

Organization of Marble&Bamboo outdoor spaces

Marble&Bamboo is a single-family residence located in the north of Madrid.
The project covers a rectangular site of 2800 square meters appearing with numerous oaks and pines.

The design of the residence has been adapted to the surrounding environment with the aim to preserve the existing vegetation.

Let's see in detail how to reproduce the three above mentioned architectural elements with the help of a BIM software for planning gardens and outdoor spaces.

Designing driveways with circular shaped slabs


Let's now take a look at how to create the driveway, leading from the house to the outdoor pool, using the MagneticGrid 2D (rectangular) tool, a function able to set the diameter of the circular slabs and the distance.
We then model the circular slab using the Slab object.
While with the Change to arc function, we define the circular shape of the slab.

Once the first slab is designed, we can proceed using the copy and paste tool to replicate the slab object by placing the magnetic grid in the plan view.

The entrance driveway on the backside consists of circular slabs with different diameters. We then reproduce the same method as described above.

Alignment driveways_software BIM_Edificius

Alignment of the two driveways

Modelling a wooden gazebo


Let's insert the gazebo base as a 3D Block by selecting it from the BIM-User Object Library. We then place it in the 3D view and bring it to the desired point.

We can now proceed with modelling the gazebo using the Shed roof object.

With the aid of the MagneticGrid we place it in the same direction as the 3D block.

Then, we choose the type of shed roof in the property toolbox.  More specifically, for this case we select the horizontal one.

Let's continue defining the characteristics of the roof by setting the size of the columns and wooden beams.

In the 3D view, by selecting the sides of the roof, we can modify the dimensions and proceed to add the furniture objects to the gazebo (climbing plant, wicker chair, etc.) choosing them from the  BIM Objects Library online.

Gazebo_software BIM_Edificius


Balcony beam gridwork design


We can use the Slab object to model the dropped-ceiling of the supporting slab of the balcony.
Therefore, within the Slab perimeter we  obtain the space where to place the gridwork with the Hole object.
Let's now insert the Beam Gridwork object in plan view and then select the type of beam from the BIM - General Object Library in the property toolbox.

We change the Beam gridwork and set the new direction.
Finally, we model the beam cover elements of the supporting beams.

In the BIM Objects Library - Project> Profiles and Shapes we create a new element by selecting the Free Form option. We edit the profile and model the beam cover.

Lastly, we can insert the beam cover with the Extrusion (solid) object in the 3D view and align it.

Beam gridwork_software BIM_Edificius

Beam gridwork



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